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Apple Tree poor fruit production

posted by: ksfarm_girl on 08.22.2010 at 12:40 pm in Fruit & Orchards Forum

We bought a house a couple of years ago that had an ENORMOUS apple tree in it (we're told it's a MacIntosh, but we wouldn't know the difference honestly). We've been slowly pruning it back to get rid of the suckers, trying not to take too much at once, but it's still somewhere around 20 ft. tall and 30 ft. in diameter. Because of the progress, we're hoping that next year we'll be able to actually eat some of the fruit and/or have others come and get the fruit, but when every single apple looks like this:

or this:

or both, I'd be embarrassed to give them away to anyone besides the neighbor who gets a few for her horses. Apparently the tree has been an excellent producer in the past and I want to know how to get it to be again.

Thanks to a poster named Glenn_Russel, I'm looking into something called Immunox and Triazicide Once and Done on another thread from a person from KS with apple trees. Based on the pictures above, will those products solve my problem? Are they safe to use around kids and pets? (We have a toddler and an outside-only cat.) If not, are there any products that are safe to use around kids/pets that will?

Our tree thanks you for your assistance! :-)


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RE: New Home, 72 apple trees, and need advice, please! (Follow-Up #23)

posted by: glenn_russell on 03.28.2010 at 07:32 am in Fruit & Orchards Forum

Hi Kendra-
Ok, due to the time of year now, Im going to give you the bear minimum spray plan. You need to get two items:

Immunox: Active ingredient is Myclobutanil, also called Nova, Eagle, or Rally. You may be able to get this at a tractor supply style store (I believe thats where Michael357 got his), otherwise, you need to go online and rush the shipping. You can find it here. Make sure it isnt the "Immunox Plus" which also contains a insecticide not rated for fruit. This needs to be sprayed at Petal Fall and then again 10-14 days later at a rate of 1 tbsp / gallon. This will fight off Cedar Apple Rust (probably your biggest enemy in KS), scab (another biggie), and even Powdery Mildew. Since you have so many trees, I'm not sure if 1 bottle will be enough... but it might be though.

Triacizide Once and Done: I have not used this yet, but others here on the forum have, and have good things to say about it. Ill be experimenting with it myself this year. Its available at your local Walmart. This will prevent the dreaded Plum Curculio and Coddling Moth. Since, I havent used it yet, and, if I remember correctly, the label was a little short on info, Ill let someone else state the spray schedule.

For next year: A dormant oil spray around now (unless you can get the dormant oil and sprayer very very quickly). Perhaps some Kocide 3000 to help with Fireblight (not sure if thats an issue for you in Zone 5), and also scab.

How big are your trees? I use a back-pack sprayer that Jellyman recommended here .

Sorry this is so short in a rush this morning, and gotta go. Im sure others can help with additional questions.



Get these items for our tree!
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RE: Homemade garden 'tonic' success stories? (Follow-Up #37)

posted by: marymoon on 03.13.2002 at 03:31 pm in Garden Experiments Forum

i was having an ant problem in my garden. was lisenning to the radio one day and a woman said that baby powder will ride your home of ants.Well i tryed on the ant hills in garden it work. they were gone


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RE: Homemade garden 'tonic' success stories? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: kittykatz on 08.18.2001 at 09:07 am in Garden Experiments Forum

Hi, I got this recipe for fertilizer years ago out of a magazine and it is a great spring booster for plants and grass. We had a severe drought 3 years ago and we almost lost all our grass. I sprayed this on it every week for about 6 weeks and it all came back lush and green.
Mix this in a Miracle Gro Sprayer
1 pkg Miracle Gro
Can of beer (cheap stuff)
1/3 cup amonia
1/3 cup dishwashing soap or insecticidal soap such as dog shampoo
Don't know what makes it work, but it really does. katie


Something to try. :-)
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RE: can cat urine somehow kill a plants roots? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: MorZ8 on 05.01.2004 at 11:01 am in Tips & Techniques Forum

Is this light enough you could take it to the sink and really flush the container? Fill with water several times until water is freely running out of the drainage hole? Then wait to water again until it needs the moisture.

The skewers as mentioned above should keep kitty from your plant....or if you have a very persistent cat, there is a spray repellent called Boundary that you can purchase at pet supply stores that is effective for most cats. Spray the outside of your container. (my cat used to go in the fireplace every so often...when I would see ashy footprints on the hearth, I knew it was time to burn a few newspapers)


Boundary--might need to look into that product.
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