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RE: he3t Washing machine/moldy smell/Sear's response (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: anotherguy on 09.04.2006 at 07:30 pm in Laundry Room Forum

Check the screen in the drawer compartment (after pulling out the drawer). All Sears front loaders as well as similar machines sold/made by Whirlpool, Samsung, etc. that have a pull-out drawer have a defect in the design that creates mildew above the screen where the water is sprayed into the drawer. I have cut open this part after Sears replaced it and demonstrated to Sears that mildew develops above the screen in a sealed compartment that can not be cleaned. I have sent this information to the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Just take out the drawer and shine a flashlight inside and look at the screen and you will likely see pink and black midlew forming in the holes where the water sits. I would take out the drawer every day and try to keep this area clean - would spray bleach - but nothing ultimately prevents mildew from developing. I have recently bought Bosch machines which do not have the pull out drawer design.


If the section above and inside the drawer is causing a mold problem couldn't you disconnect the cold (or hot) water line, drain the water out of it and fill it with bleach? Then run the machine. This would bleach and possibly kill the mold on the internal parts you can not reach. Just a thought.
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