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Interesting info for choosing leather furniture

posted by: tinker1121 on 03.28.2008 at 09:56 am in Home Decorating Forum

Our local paper had an great article today on what to watch for when buying leather. The terminology is can be quite deceptive:

Split-Bicast or Tri-cast means it started as inferior leather and has been reconstituted to disquise the poor quality.

Top-grain sounds great but it is bad leather that has been sanded down and then embossed with artificial grain. These pieces are often coated with a layer of paint and urethane which can crack if not routinely maintained.

FULL-GRAIN is what you should always buy as it hasn't been adulterated. Full-grain is also called "aniline" or "natural grain" and will retain the original characteristics and markings of a quality hide.


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RE: tile for whirlpool deck top? (Follow-Up #10)

posted by: weedyacres on 03.04.2008 at 09:58 pm in Bathrooms Forum

We did a tub with wood facing and tile deck. I used a tile chair rail to cover up the transition. I just glued it to the wood face and grouted spaces between the chair rail pieces and between the chair rail and the deck tile.

(Hoping to make Bill drool again.)


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