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names of 'weeds'

posted by: kitteh on 03.28.2013 at 12:56 pm in Name That Plant Forum

I'd like to know how to call the plants in the following picture.

The first are purplish and form clumps/ mats, they look kinda like mint leaves and have tiny purple flowers, and come out early.

The second likes damp shade.

The blue flowers are very little and form mats too and like cold and bright light.

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What are your old fashioned tips?

posted by: gardengrl on 02.24.2002 at 09:29 pm in Tips & Techniques Forum

I'm always fascinated by "over the fence gardening tips" that I get from people. You know...the kind of old fashioned/thrify tips that your grandmother told you and still works better than stuff you buy in the store.

What are yours?


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Epsom salt on plants

posted by: angel123 on 04.26.2004 at 11:17 pm in Southern Gardening Forum

I heard that Epsom salts are good for plants and vegatables. How much do yall use on plants and veggies? On my veggies and plants do i sprinkle epsom salts around the roots, Do i put on as a foiler spray on the leaves or just the roots. Please explain!!


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few questions

posted by: kitteh on 02.01.2013 at 11:08 pm in Organic Gardening Forum

I guess I got to thinking if I can call my garden organic for when I do my first seed trades. I wanted to do my food gardens pure heirloom and organic.

Water - I'm uncomfortably close to a factory that puts out a lot of air pollution. I was curious - do you think a lot of it gets into the rainwater? I know tapwater isn't really great, it's got chemicals, fluoride, and it makes the faucets look rusty.

Compost - I needed a different pile for the food, since I do add things you shouldn't for my flowers (meat and cat pine litter). Then I was thinking, is it organic to put on manure from animals not fed naturally? If you compost food known to be gmo, is it organic?

Plastic - do they leech out chemicals, do only a few types do this, is it only if they get warm ? I do know pizza and candy tastes yucky when they switch to wrapping it in plastic that touches it vs. paper and foil. I keep reading 'don't make planters from old wood, it may leech out chemicals' but then they say plastic is good because it keeps in moisture. The price tag makes plastic appealing though.

Seeds - If you don't know that your seeds' parents were treated organically, can you call your plants organic?


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