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RE: Stove top cleanliness (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: cat_mom on 12.31.2009 at 11:02 am in Appliances Forum

We have a Wolf AG range with the removable black enamel burner pans. For light cleaning (dust, small grease splatters) I use Perfect Kitchen from BB&B, which was recommended by people at the Wolf/SZ showroom. I spray it directly on the range and wipe off with a paper towel (seems to work better than microfiber for this)--for spot cleaning you can just spray a little on the paper towel itself and then wipe the spot(s). If I need to, I can usually buff off any small smudges with a dry microfiber. I tried it on my granite when I got, and it works great on that, too! For the granite I use it with a microfiber.

For a more thorough cleaning, I remove the pans themselves and clean them in the sink. For regular grime/grease, I clean the pans with BKF and a little dish soap (I use regular Palmolive). After rinsing (with hot water generally), I dry with a dishtowel (mine are the Ritz Wonder Towels--lint free). They come out great. I hold them by the edges or use the remover hook-thingie to pop them back on the range to avoid finger smudging my now-clean pans (!) .

For baked on grease, or really encrusted food stuff, I'll spray the pans with Dawn Power Dissolver, let sit for a bit, and then clean (with a blue scrub sponge). The Power Dissolver's great on pyrex baking dishes, too. Just watch out for drips on hardwood floors--I think it (and/or Easy Off) eats through the finish/polyurethane.

One trick I've used: if I've just cleaned the top (or it's pretty clean), and I know whatever I'm cooking might splatter, I'll lay some sheets of alum foil over the unused burners/sections of the range top before cooking. Then, I can just crumple up the splattered foil, and avoid the need to clean the top of the range for awhile!


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