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RE: Just finished another CL chair - Grrrrrrr! (Follow-Up #23)

posted by: my3dogs on 04.14.2013 at 08:19 am in Home Decorating & Design Forum

Thank-you, ladies! Nanny, it's a very rare day that I don't use a patterned fabric. In fact, I did ONCE, as I was trying to emulate the crazy-priced RH chair linked below. My version - heavy oak with gorgeous grain in the stretcher base not visible in this photo, done in linen. Note I had to make a flax fabric pillow to add a bit of pattern. AFTER -

 photo CLlargeantiquechairdone080612002Small.jpg

This was the BEFORE, in the CL ad.
 photo CLlargeantiquechair45070512.jpg

Lynn, I do not have a piping foot. I make mine using my zipper foot, and find it very easy. I also do double welt cord with it, and found these directions online that may help you -

 photo Craigslist1500chairprogress31113003Small_zpsffa3b9ef.jpg

Here is a link that might be useful: 18th C. French Burlap Chair


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RE: counter height window pictures please (Follow-Up #20)

posted by: erikanh on 02.11.2009 at 05:25 pm in Kitchens Forum

americancolleen, you sound just like me! Months ago when I saw photos of some of these windows that go down to the counter, I decided I had to have one, and I wanted it to be the focal point of my kitchen.

My window trim isn't painted yet, but I wanted to show you my bump-out. It's only 6 inches deep, but it makes the area behind the sink seem huge. It was much less expensive to do than a greenhouse window. (Please ignore my leaning faucet ... not hooked up yet.)



Good luck!



Counter height windows
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Screened Porch Update: Museum Banner is Here and Up !

posted by: kswl on 02.19.2012 at 01:46 pm in Home Decorating & Design Forum least temporarily. I am updating my screened porch after a backyard/decks/ patio makeover gave us a new color palette for the porch. I finally decided to buy the museum banner for an impressionist exhibit from the Phillips Collection in D.C. that traveled to a museum in Los Angeles (LACMA). The banner arrived and I have sort of jury rigged it until our handy guy comes this week to hang it properly. HandyGuy is also going to put smooth 8" lap hardtoplank siding over the existing pecky cypress that looks so Seventies, particularly the walls paneled on the diagonal.

Anyway, here it is, I just love the colors and enthusiasm of it! The banner is 8ft x 2.5ft and is printed on very heavy duty vinyl, which makes it perfect for a covered porch. It is a detail from Renoir's painting The Luncheon of the Boating Party that I have always loved. About 70 of these were printed and hung on standards in front of the museum to herald the exhibit. They were out in the elements for almost a year and a half, and this one is in very good shape. I bought it at a site that sells banners from museums all over. The link isn't bottom; I don't have any connection with the company, just think their offerings are unique and surprisingly reasonable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Better Wall, website for post-exhibit museum banners


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RE: Nice quality velvet upholstery source? Velvet knowledge? (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: kitchendetective on 10.17.2011 at 09:39 am in Home Decorating Forum

I have ordered fabrics from these two online vendors. In the case of most of their fabrics, samples are available. Prices may not seem "low," but they are, compared to other sources for the same fabics. (I used a Bergamo tapestry on our kitchen counter stools and later saw the same fabric in a Barry Dixon project. And my late cat had a cushion covered in a spectacular, heavy, cream colored linen. LOL. I wish that I had purchased about 25 bolts of that stuff!)
Design Diva Fabrics
I Luv Fabrix
I have seen online complaints about these vendors, although I have never had a problem. I should mention that I haven't used the first for two years and the second for four. When I did order from these vendors, I was able to get better prices than I was from my upholsterer. I should mention that samples are an absolute necessity, as you already know. Colors, textures, and weights often look very different on my monitor than IRL.


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RE: Carlisle walnut downstairs, what wood floor upstairs? (pictu (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: lotsatrees on 05.25.2011 at 11:43 am in Home Decorating Forum

Thanks everyone for your feedback. I appreciate your comments and I hadn't thought about the style of the walnut and the qs oak clashing, but it's a valid point. I'm a little sad because I like them both so much, but I know you can't throw everything into one house. That said, would using the other walnut in 3" boards look like we "ran out of money" to really match the one downstairs? Also, I'm not really going for an ultra modern, updated in 2011 look. More of a cozy, comfortable and above all, CLEAN feel. This is what we started with…

Here is a link that might be useful: Downstairs progress


Carslile walnot floors, same age of house
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