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RE: Container Soils - Water Movement and Retention XI (Follow-Up #75)

posted by: tapla on 06.16.2010 at 02:53 pm in Container Gardening Forum

It varies. The Mg fraction of dolomitic lime is about 125x more soluble than the Ca fraction, and gypsum is much more soluble than dolomite. Add to that the fact that soil solution acidity (or lack of) also plays a big part in how soluble these elements are, as does water alkalinity, and you can see there is no way to say with any certainty.

What I do: sprinkle a little gypsum (in the spring) on top of the gritty mix in the second and (if required) third year of the plant being in the same pot/soil combination.

For plants with dolomite (5:1:1, usually), I simply include a little Epsom salts in the fertilizer solution for any plants in the mix for the second year.



Adding Gypsum in subsequent years
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