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Globe Artichoke Questions (again)

posted by: lnewport on 04.08.2010 at 03:44 pm in Vegetable Gardening Forum

Hi everyone,

I received four little Globe Artichoke plants from Hirts last week and though Hirts says they will produce this year I doubt it. They are rather small plants. :(

Anyways I want to do my best for them so I was hoping I can get some more advice from you all.

1) I'm planting two of them in a 6ft (L) x 2ft (W) x 1Ft (H) garden box which is on the ground (meaning no bottom) . The box is filled with good soil but underneath is clay soil. Do you think that's a large enough space for two?

2) How much sun is recommended? The garden box receives sun mostly all afternoon. It's near my south fence so it doesn't get south sun but it does get East Sun, South West and West sun.

3) The two others I received will be in their own pots which is 18" x 18" x 18". Do you think that's big enough?

I realize that asked this before but I read on another post that someone said their plant needed a 3 ft area and I wonder if this is because of the plant's spread or will the roots need this much room?

If it's spread then I'm ok.

Thank You for all your help!


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