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Is there an African Violet fertilizer without urea?

posted by: Brass_Tacks on 05.11.2005 at 05:59 pm in African Violets Forum

I found Peter's Specialties 3-10-10, Urea Nitrogen;
Schultz Violet Food 8-14-9, 6.9 Urea Nitrogen;
Miracle Gro Violet Food 7-7-7-, 6.6 Urea Nitrogen;

Isn't Urea something we don't want to use on African Violets?

Please advice about this--I'm not finding any fertizier without Urea Nitrogen.
Thanks, Pat


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African Violet questions.

posted by: hopefulauthor on 05.19.2008 at 02:30 am in African Violets Forum

Hi. I've been growing AV's for a number of years, but tonight while browsing the internet I found sections that mentioned suckers.
What exactly are they? If left on an AV, will they take over/kill the plant? Similar to rootstock on a grafted tree?
It also stated suckers can be rooted. How is this done?
What exactly do suckers look like?

It also said, AV's should be repotted every 6 months? I think they do best when potbound, so do they mean adding fresh soil without increasing pot size? My AV's are in 4" pots.
Oh and would anyone happen to know a standard 'large' AV by name? Large leaves and/or flowers?

Fertilizer was another mystery..I've been using AV fertilizers for years, but a few articles suggested adding a balanced fert like 20-20-20. Not to mention at every watering. Isn't that a bit much?

One more question. Has anyone ever shopeed at Violet Gallery? If so, do they ship healthy, nice-niced plants? Most of my AV's came from Violet Barn/Robs in 2004, but I've heard they now send smaller this true? If anyone has info on either nursery, can you please fill me in? Thanks so much..Toni


Growing to show
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Just want to show off my favorite

posted by: Phillip44 on 08.15.2013 at 11:34 am in African Violets Forum

Here is a picture of one of my favorite AVs' in my collection , "Rainbow's Quiet Riot" . My all time favorite is my "Blue Dragon" . This is one of the many I started as leaves , I can not wait for it to fill out more as it is a very young plant . And sorry for posting so much , just excited to have fellow AV enthusiasts to converse .


Rainbow's Quiet Riot
Blue Dragon
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RE: Where can I buy... (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: paul_ on 08.25.2013 at 01:41 pm in African Violets Forum

Can't help with the fertilizer per se, but as far as dolomite goes, Roberts Flower Supply carries that in a couple different grades/sizes. (I help them with sales when they attend orchid shows in Michigan so I see a lot of the products they offer. Smiley ) The fertilizers they carry are primarily directed at orchids but they do have a variety of different ones (with varying NPK levels). Perhaps one of them will work for you.


Here is a link that might be useful: Roberts Flower Supply


fertilizers without urea
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