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Inspiring GW Kitchens

posted by: mary_in_nc on 10.24.2010 at 11:22 am in Kitchens Forum

So, I am curious, which kitchens from GW inspired you the most when you were planning and designing your own kitchen? For me, there were three: Tito's kitchen- , Collen's :, and my all time favorite GW kitchen Orchidluvr's (see below). I am looking forward to reading your responses!

Here is a link that might be useful: Orchidluvr's kitchen


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Dark photos of our installed backsplash

posted by: redroze on 11.24.2008 at 10:22 pm in Kitchens Forum

Some of our potlights and our pendants aren't working...we need to upgrade our electrical (sigh).

Anyway, wanted to share some very very dark photos of our newly installed BUT not yet grouted backsplash. The tiles around the window will go up to the same height as under the range hood, and our grout will be a very white white which I'm glad about as I don't think I would have liked the pale grey grout look for our kitchen.

Some disclaimers. These are not grouted yet as I mentioned, and the spackle/mortar/whatever you call the gooey stuff, is yellowish so it is giving it a yellowish tinge. I don't even have to tell you - it looks much better in person and with decent light. Just wanted to share it with all of you!

Some thoughts that came to's so interesting how things just pop more when the backsplash is installed. The faucets and hardware just look so much better to me, now that the backsplash is in. I guess the distracting wires (which are still there but out of the way) and peeling drywall distracted from them. I can't wait til the crown molding and toekicks go in.

Odd...for some reason I just noticed that lovely view of our neighbour's red brick wall through our window. Do you think I should put a roman blind on that window? I don't care about the view, I just want it to not be distracting.

(I spy some weird light reflection streaks in some of the photos...sorry about that.)

My DH was all like, "don't post them!" But I know you guys are forgiving, and it's like showing my kitchen "without its make-up on."






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Finished Kitchen Pictures (except backsplash)

posted by: alliern on 11.24.2008 at 12:22 am in Kitchens Forum

Hello! I am happy to finally be able to say that our house is done and we moved from NYC to Colorado 3 weeks ago! Here are some pictures of our new kitchen...I am so enjoying it! I am still undecided about what to do for a backsplash...have to make a decision soon but I wanted to live in the house for a little while before deciding :)

DW, Fridge, microwave/convection oven (Kitchen Aid)
6 burner dual-fuel 36" range (Thermador)
Thermador Traditional Silent 42" Hood w/remote blower
Perimeter countertop Black Minas Soapstone from Dorado Soapstone
Island Countertop Honed Statuario Marble
Perimeter Cabinets custom built with BM Simply White paint
Island Custom Built Alder
Floor Owens PlankFloor 6" Walnut with Satin Water Based Polyurethane
Delta Allura Faucet and soap dispenser
Danze Pot Filler
Cabinet hardware from Restoration Hardware






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pics Cream cabs, soapstne, marble, alder island - almost done

posted by: ndvweb on 11.13.2008 at 01:31 pm in Kitchens Forum

6 weeks and counting... can't wait to cook again. There's been several delays, including today's 'streaked marble' countertop but I'm still feeling positive the end is in sight.

island and hood

fridge wall

aga range


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RE: Question on Shaw's Farmhouse sink (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: bluekitobsessed on 11.10.2008 at 08:51 pm in Kitchens Forum

Yes, you need the extended flange. Home Depot carries it for about $65 (as opposed to $100 or more through Shaw's). Sink grid is optional. Many of us with the Shaw's choose the ISE Evolution Compact disposal.


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Custom cabinets begin installation! (pics)

posted by: alliern on 10.03.2008 at 12:35 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi! I am so excited to be able to share these pictures with you! If it wasn't for this forum, I would've never considered "custom-built" cabinets were an affordable option for me. Let me tell you...I feel like I almost robbed a bank with how much money I saved over all of the manufactured lines on the market today.
The cabinets are beaded inset Shaker style with the perimeter painted BM Simply White and the island stained Alder wood. All drawers have the Blum BlueMotion full extention glides. I'll have two trash pull-outs and custom panels on both the fridge and dishwasher.

I'm awaiting my Statuario Extra marble for the island top and my Minas soapstone for the perimeter to be fabricated. The templating was done this past Wednesday.

Thank you to everyone who made numerous suggestions to other posters to check into custom cabinets!






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Problem free soapstone install--pictures

posted by: annes_arbor on 09.30.2008 at 05:58 pm in Kitchens Forum

I'm probably jinxing myself when I create a subject line that has the word problem-free in it (LOL), but it really was. I'm very happy with the install. The kitchen is far from finished, but I thought I'd post these pix (unoiled and oiled) for all the soapstone lovers.






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RE: Anyone have BM White Cloud or White Dove cabinets? (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: pluckymama on 10.01.2008 at 11:52 am in Kitchens Forum

The whites are funny, in that they are always whiter than you think from the chip. If you want a brighter white look, go with the White Dove. Some beautiful bright white kitchens to check out are rmkitchen, redroze (BM Chantilly Lace as paint).

If you are looking for a softer look, take a look at these kitchens: SW Creamy (sprice5105 just posted today) or BM Linen White (dlspellman just posted), SW Almond white (Jen4268 kitchen), BM Lancaster Whitewash (mamadadapaige has her cabinets this color).

Good luck.


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RE: Creamy white cabinets and white marble? Need overnight decis (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: erikanh on 09.29.2008 at 04:40 pm in Kitchens Forum

Oh I disagree! I think white marble on off-white/cream cabinets can look fabulous! Just make sure to take your door with you and look at the slab in nice bright light. I was planning dark stone for my perimeters too, but I love marble so much that I'm including it on the perimeter too (as well as stainless steel and wood).

Here are some white kitchens with white marble counters from my inspiration file:




I'll look for some with dark perimeter counters. I know I've seen them.


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RE: New layout ... input hugely appreciated (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: malhgold on 08.09.2008 at 09:27 pm in Kitchens Forum

Have you considered 2 islands? One longer one for seating/prepping and the 2nd one could be maybe a square shape and lower with a marble top for baking. I included as many angles as I could from the magazine.

You won't find frig drawers to go under a lowered counter. Why can't you put them under the higher side of the island or at he end of the perimeter cabs?




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Update Pics of cream traditional kitchen

posted by: jen4268 on 07.24.2008 at 09:10 am in Kitchens Forum

Hi! Things are moving along and I thought I would post some progress pics- about 90% done, but no backsplash yet, waiting on my appliance pulls for the refrigerator (using temp ones that came with for now). I will post more when finished!

Cabinets- custom built, inset. Color- SW8180, almond white
Counters- Antiqued Nordic Black






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Pendant lights and faucets are in!

posted by: redroze on 08.31.2008 at 10:12 pm in Kitchens Forum

The upper cabinets are down because the range hood cover is being shortened, and the wiring is all out for the undercabinet lighting. But on the bright side...our pendant lights and faucet are in!!! I'm shocked at how "finished" it feels with the lights and faucets in, as it gives height and dimension and fills in the space between the cabinets. It's a great feeling and I wanted to share it with all of you! The floors also have their last coat of poly and let me tell you, I am in love with these floors, if ever one was able to fall in love with an inanimate object. They are *the perfect colour*. So great after having to live with a hardwood stain that I've hated for 3 years.

We decided the light placement and height are just right now that they're up (for those of you who read my old post, worried that they were too small). Photos just don't do it justice!! It's also hard to show how nice the candelabra bulbs look as the photos make them blurry. It gives a nice, antique feel with the glass lanterns.



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RE: Redroze- cabinet detail ? - Pls (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: redroze on 09.09.2008 at 08:07 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi bdaykitchen - that's awesome that you find my kitchen inspiring...I would love to help!!! I am especially touched that you shared my photos with your DH. My DH has been amazing throughout the reno, good to bounce ideas off, and I hope you enjoy the process as much as we did!

Yes, I remember responding about the cabinet style. I would describe it as inset, recessed panel with a beaded edge on the frame. In reality though, I just gave our cabinetrymaker a photo of cabinets in a magazine and he replicated them as closely as he could.

Here are some links that will hopefully help you out. Let me know if you need anything else.

Our cabinets are here!!!
No questions, just some updated photos
Pendant lights and faucets are in


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RE: Please Show Me Your White Backsplash (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: mindimoo on 09.06.2008 at 04:03 pm in Kitchens Forum

cat_mom and alku05 those gorgeous backsplashes get me everytime!!!

I love our white backsplash, it has some depth as it is beveled on the edges and is white Thassos marble brick 3" x 6" tiles. We wanted something to go with our marble counters, but not take anything away from them, make them the focus.

It is sealed and wipes right up!



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RE: Please Show Me Your 36'' Drawers (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: redroze on 09.01.2008 at 09:32 am in Kitchens Forum

Here's our 36" pot drawers - the two drawers stacked on top of each other. We went with an 8" pull on each. Depends on your hardwood style though.


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RE: Please Show Me Your 36'' Drawers (Follow-Up #14)

posted by: groschuni on 09.01.2008 at 05:23 pm in Kitchens Forum

I put two on each drawer. I put them at the top of the drawer to match the windowed drawers next to them. It also makes it more convenient to open, since you don't have to reach down as far for the handle. Here's how they look:


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RE: Help me build my DREAM White Kitchen (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: erikanh on 08.26.2008 at 06:01 pm in Kitchens Forum

Here is a kitchen done by Susan Serra in which they used Bianco Carrara Okite on the island. I think it looks beautiful.

Here is a link that might be useful: More pics of the kitchen here


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RE: Jeannema - your butcher block (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: laxsupermom on 08.22.2008 at 09:54 pm in Kitchens Forum

Not a dumb question. I had to look it up, too. Tung oil is food safe according to the John Boos website. You would put several coats of tung oil before or just after installation. Then you would follow up with mineral oil / beeswax occasionally.


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RE: Tell me about your favorite kitchen faucet !!! (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: edlakin on 07.13.2008 at 02:24 pm in Kitchens Forum

our faucet is an american standard bridge faucet with three holes (plus one for the sidespray). we added a westbrass soap dispenser.



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RE: Urgent....Off White vs. White cabinets... (Follow-Up #11)

posted by: bbtondo on 07.11.2008 at 08:20 am in Kitchens Forum

I totally agree with Mary in NC. We both have Divinity color Medallion cabinets. She really helped me pick out my creamy white. See the cabinet color in your kitchen and listen to your gut! The color I originally picked out looked tan in my kitchen just like Mary in NC said. What also helped me was to put the cabinet color next to a white piece of paper. To me, whatever "color" was in the cabinet color was easier to see. Hope that makes sense! Good luck. Can't wait to see what you pick.


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RE: RMKitchen, please (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: rmkitchen on 07.12.2008 at 10:13 am in Kitchens Forum

jesemy -- yes they can. They're William Morris through Sanderson Fabrics. I am addicted to that website -- the choices are endless (and divine).

Happy shopping!


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Pendant lights - think I found them....rmkitchen opinion?

posted by: mindimoo on 07.03.2008 at 11:57 am in Kitchens Forum

After months of searching, I think I found pendant lights we can love. They aren't exactly what we wanted, but they are really cool, have a bright sparkly light, a little modern and a little traditional.

Thinking we will do the bronze finish on wire/cable and freejack mount. That way, they won't compete with the black cabinets and will tie in with the ORB finish elsewhere in the house and on the faucets....

Fixtures are by Wilmette Lighting :



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RE: Soapstone folks: can I live with a seam in my island? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: tsdiver on 07.24.2008 at 01:14 pm in Kitchens Forum


From what I remember, Cobra is very hard, and has very little veining, and is black (not much green). Does that sound right? If so, your seam, should you choose to put it in, would be a much easier project than ours. I wanted soapstone that was very veiny (active), with lot's of green as well. Due to the size of our island we also needed a seam to go down the middle.

We do not have occupancy in our home yet, so I haven't lived with the seam, but I thought you might want to take a look anyway. One important issue that came up was whether or not you plan to oil the soapstone. That will determine the seam color. We plan on letting it go dark, so they used a black seam for ours.

Our slab is butterflied. The two polished sides faced each other and opened like a book. That is why the pattern repeats on each side... as close as we could get. This was a fix due to a different issue.

This is what we ended up with. These photos were taken right after installation and with fresh oil on them. They are not that dark today, however, we haven't oiled them in several months.



Here is a more recent photo without being oiled for a long time.


I am sure others will chime in about soapstone seams, but I have to tell you, the seams that folks have posted here are almost undetectable. It is an amazing material. I think I have one of the worst case scenarios with so many veins and color variations. I am not concerned with it at all, but that is me. What really is important is if it will bother you. THAT is what matters!


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RE: Is there a pull down faucet without the icky button for spray (Follow-Up #18)

posted by: mamadadapaige on 07.26.2008 at 10:55 am in Kitchens Forum

wallycat, my DH never found out!! lots of those expenses got buried along the way.

here is a better pic of it in case you are interested:


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RE: Boston Area Soapstoners (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: mamadadapaige on 07.25.2008 at 10:37 pm in Kitchens Forum

i am in the boston area. I was in the market for soapstone and looking for what you describe: black with nice bold white veins. I couldn't find what I was looking for either and ended up with granite.

there is a HUGE granite/marble/stone place in Everett, MA - very difficult to get there... it is tucked away in an industrial park - if you decide to go there get very good directions. It is called Cumar.

I ended up getting my granite from Gerrity stone in Wakefield, MA (they also sell soapstone). They are very reputable. Not the same selection as Cumar but maybe a little better customer service.

I found when choosing my countertop material(as I think a lot of other GW'ers have) that there is a lot of leg work required particularly if you have a vision.

Best of luck.


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Inset cabinets - what is important to know at design stage

posted by: annab6 on 07.27.2008 at 05:39 pm in Kitchens Forum

After trying to figure out the dishwasher brands to create an integrated look, I now know that there may be issues with inset cabinets I didn't really anticipate. I am very picky about little design details (isn't it why I am here?) but I don't think KDs are that picky especially when they are designing multiple kitchens at the same time.

So a general question to those who have inset cabs,
what to pay special attention to? Any surprises during installation that you wish you learned earlier?


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Christopher Peacock Kitchens

posted by: willowdecor on 07.28.2008 at 07:08 am in Kitchens Forum

Here is a great link to Christopher Peacock Kitchens. These are pictures of private residences!


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Boston Kitchen Showrooms - Need Recommendations!

posted by: ggkell on 07.31.2008 at 01:08 pm in Kitchens Forum

I have noticed a lot of comments made by people in the Boston area. I will be spending 4 days in Boston and would like to visit some Kitchen Showrooms. DH and son will be golfing and I have a car. I don't mind driving so any where in a 2 hour radius is good. I have limited access to Kitchen Showrooms where I currently live. Looking for fun in the Big City. Please post any recommendations (also any must visit restaurants). Thanks!!!


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99% finished. Off White kitchen. So HAPPY!!

posted by: mamadadapaige on 05.29.2008 at 02:43 pm in Kitchens Forum

Will write more about particulars later, but wanted to post some pictures. There a just a few small things left to do and I haven't totally moved back in (note: no cookbooks, display pieces, utensils, coffee maker, etc) but I will get to that this weekend.

I included a picture of the Sharp microwave draw that someone had wanted to see. Also, included close-ups of the backsplash (very plain but to my taste), and spice rack which I can't wait to use!







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Can I please see your 36' wood hood?

posted by: annab6 on 08.02.2008 at 05:53 pm in Kitchens Forum

I met with the KD again today and there is a way for me to have my second oven but that means a 30" range instead of 36" and a 36" hood instead of 42" which would allow us to fit a microwave into a wall cabinet.

The kitchen is about 15' x 15'. I still want a wood hood that "makes a statement". Would love to see pictures and also links to browse for more ideas.


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mamadadapaige, an OT question for you...

posted by: nomorebluekitchen on 08.05.2008 at 01:21 pm in Kitchens Forum

In the single sink thread, you mention the 30 minute cycle on your Miele. It seriously cleans a load in 30 minutes? Is this an occasional special need thing, or is this your typical daily use of it?

If the entire DW field has one major shortcoming, it is the nearly 2 hour running time! Crazy. Please update me on your Miele and meanwhile I'm off to do some research on it.



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SS question: Can you cut on soapstone?

posted by: outonalimb_2007 on 08.09.2008 at 05:49 pm in Kitchens Forum

I just got back from a local SS fabricator, he seemed very knowledgeable but one of the things he told me was that you could actually cut on SS, that it was better than a butcher block to cut on and would not dull the knife. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Thanks!


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ATTN: Soapstone Experts

posted by: shanny75 on 08.02.2008 at 02:04 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi all,

I am in Southern CA. The soapstone selection here is not that great. For all you SS officianado's, please give me your opinion on this stone. The granite guy said it was "Juliette" probably meant Julia, right? It was very pretty in person, tons of dark veins with streaks of green. It just doesn't look as great in photos.

I think that I want a "quieter" stone...but haven't ruled out this Julia SS yet. Would like some other opinions on this stone first.

When I do install it, I think that the "wildness" will go away because it will be in smaller sections....will it?

Also, how do I judge the quality of a particular slab?


Thanks so much,



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Many thanks to this forum! Finished and enjoying our new kitchen.

posted by: wilsonb on 05.29.2006 at 11:29 pm in Kitchens Forum

It took me a couple of months to get the pictures posted, but now I can say that there's not a decision we regret, and we have this wonderful forum to thank! Here are the new kitchen and breezeway in our 1950 colonial, and just for fun a couple of "before" pictures. Thanks for the help!

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchen pictures


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1904 Southern Colonial - Soapstone is in (pics!), & backsplash Q?

posted by: supra92 on 07.01.2008 at 09:28 pm in Kitchens Forum


As mentioned last week in another thread, my 1904 Southern Colonial's soapstone finally, finally, FINALLY got installed -- and wow am I *so* happy I went with this over granite. I can't even tell you how many times over the past year i grappled back and forth between soapstone vs. a black-ish honed granite (ie, Nordic Antique Black). In the end, those magic words really are true: go with your gut, with what you really want. Seeing and feeling the installed soapstone, it's hard to believe I ever doubted the initial instinct. Hindsight is, as always, 20/20...

So this is two parts. First, the pics! Bear in mind I still have not acquired any mineral oil, and so what you're seeing is the pure, raw, unoiled soapstone. It's actually darker in its raw state than I would've initially figured, but it's definitely begging for an oiling :-) The pics seem to give it a bit of a blue-ish hue, but that's inaccurate as it's just a medium grey in reality.

The sink in that last pic... is the Ticor S105-8. It's the one where the left bowl is 17-3/4" and the right bowl is 13". I hotly debated that vs. the Ticor 405D (21" left, 10" right).... and in the end opted for the "more useable right sink". So far I like what I see, but I'll have a better feel when I start using it. The installers did a great job with the sink cutout, and the very slight negative reveal I requested --- the distance from the front of the sink to the edge of the counter overhang is exactly 4".

Also, I ordered the faucet today -- after a brief dalliance with the "antique nickel" finish of a specific Jado faucet (ultra-$$, btw), followed by a detour towards a Moen, I went with my original choice of the Delta Victorian. Opted for the stainless steel finish instead of chrome, because my kitchen has a mostly "soft/matte" theme going on with the white cabs, matte soapstone, SS appliances, saturated yellow wallpaint, and 100-yr old heart of pine wood floors.

Here's a pic of the Delta Victorian, in the SS finish:

So now, onto the final question, with regard's to deee's marble tile backsplash: I think your backsplash is exquisite, and goes perfectly with your black counters and white cabinets, maintaining that neutral theme. For those that haven't seen it, here's the pic:

My question to everyone here: those beautiful grey-ish marble tiles have that fantastic veining/movement to them. Would that be a good fit above my soapstone countertops, or is there reason to be concerned about the grey tiles' veining competing/clashing with the soapstone's veining?

Also, I have read that marble tiles require lots of regular maintenance, sealing, and are prone to cracks. Is this mostly a concern for floors and counters, or are these concerns valid for counter backsplashes as well?


BTW - more pics to follow, once the faucet set arrives and is installed, and after I get the soapstone oiled


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rmkitchen's Finished Classic White / Black / Marble Kitchen

posted by: rmkitchen on 08.05.2008 at 07:32 pm in Kitchens Forum

Before, view of kitchen from family room

After, view of kitchen from family room

Before, overview of kitchen; entrance to dining room is in between wall ovens and refrigerator

After, overview of kitchen; former entrance has been closed up (is now my baking corner) and new entrance to dining room is not in shot but is in between refrigerator and freezer

Before, view of eating area

After, view of eating area with new wainscoting

Before, view of pantry

After, view of pantry, broom closet pull-out and freezer

primary flatware drawer

knife drawer

easy dishwasher unloading

doors around oven and refrigerator open

broom closet pull-out

Many (many!) more pictures are in my finished kitchen album.

I joined GW the v. first day I "found" it online. I was doing research on soapstone and a link to this forum popped up and I read it. If Id had any idea the amount of time Id spend here and the relationships Id come to have, I never, ever would have picked as pedestrian a handle as "rmkitchen." But I thought Id just be here on GW that one time. Nearly fourteen months later and ha ha on me!

Well, its still not "done": were waiting for roman shades to be made and I need to wash those windows . But Im feeling silly having a finished kitchen and waiting for some roman shades! So its not magazine-worthy, thats okay. I had a really hard time deciding whether to attempt the vanity shots or how we really live. Because seeing everyones pristine, to-die-for kitchens hurt my self-esteem, I decided to do a warts-and-all. Youll see fingerprints on the cupboard doors, smudges on the polished nickel hardware and crumbs on the floor: even still, I think it looks pretty good. Also, since my photographic skills are poor it made the choice really easy!

With the risk of coming across as gauche I am going to include approximate prices for our items. I was terribly nave when it came to determining our budget and found it immensely beneficial when others here would give prices. (in all fairness, it sometimes made me feel bad either that we werent as hoity-toity as others as well as making me feel ridiculous for spending so much when others achieved fabulous kitchens for a fraction of our budget) It gave me a real-world benchmark, and hopefully it will help someone else put their own project into some perspective. I wish more posters would share their budget I think its that helpful. Let me preface this by saying I'm in Boulder, CO -- prices will vary continent-wide. We are less expensive than the San Francisco Bay Area and more than RTC, NC.

Caveat: I absolutely believe and know our kitchen could have (and Id argue should have) been done for significantly less. Like our gorgeous countertops / backsplash were ridiculously expensive and I could have had a white marble for less than half. However, every time I look at the marbles from which I could have chosen I realize I would have been v. unhappy and any amount spent on them would have been too much. So it was "smart" to spend more to get what I really wanted and what I LOVE. ("smart" having a v. fluid definition depending on my mood!)

Same about our sink, well, similar. We searched and searched for a stainless apron front single bowl sink, and the one we liked the best was the Bates & Bates. My husband insisted on a low gauge (thick steel). Only after our kitchen was complete did I learn about the Lavello. While not as thick as ours (ours is 12 gauge, the Lavello 16 gauge), I think for the >$1,000 price difference we couldve lived with it!

We (I) shopped around like crazy (love the internet!) for our appliances, hardware, etc., and feel I did a fabulous job getting the best prices for these itemseverything was either on special or purchased on sale or using some sort of incentive. But at the end of the day, the appliances were still expensiveexactly what we want / need, though. At the end of the day, the hardware was still expensiveexactly what we want / need, though. At the end of the day, the cabinetry was still expensive. (Although I actually have mixed feelings about thisfor the level of detail I wanted and all the bells & whistles we got Im not sure it was expensive. The semi-custom lines at which we looked [i.e., Cuisines Laurier, DuraSupreme] were coming in significantly higher. If we'd gone with framed we could have come in for less, but not gotten the exact door / hood I wanted. If there were an IKEA nearby [the closest is in Utah], we probably could have used their boxes and had doors made up elsewhere. But we went neither of those routes.)

Our kitchen is approximately 13w x 21'l (not completely true, as only one side is 21' long; the other wall is 11 1/2'). Our ceiling is 9 high (the upper cabinets are 47 " high with crown moulding running from the top of the cabinets up to the ceiling).

cabinets, ~$55K
custom frameless painted (catalyzed lacquer) a custom white, island painted BM Onyx
all drawers and roll-outs full-extension with Blumotion glides and all doors with Blum soft-close hinges
one Rev-A-Shelf wood drawer divider
one Rev-A-Shelf plastic double tier flatware divider
custom wood drawer dividers (five drawers)
steel pegboard "broom closet" pull-out (thanks to dianalo for sharing inspiration pictures)
three chrome pull-out pantry units (Rev-A-Shelf)
four spice pull-outs (Rev-A-Shelf)
pegboard with wood "divider" dowels in (three) dish drawers
foot pedal four-canister trash / recycle unit (thanks to lowspark and alku05 for the foot pedal instructions), Rev-A-Shelf
magnetic chalkboards (two)
hood (design inspiration courtesy of mwardlbs lovely hood)
maple butcher block island countertop with bow detail
tempered, safety glass-front doors and glass shelves
delivery and installation of these cabinets and attached custom crown moulding (but not including cost of custom crown which was ~$350)

appliances, ~$22K
refrigerator: Thermador 30" Fresh Food Freedom Column T30IR70
freezer: Thermador 30" Frozen Freedom Colum T30IF70
oven: Gaggenau 30" BX281610 convection double oven, (thanks to the supportive folks in the Appliance forum who talked me through this decision & held my hand as we waited five+ months for its delivery)
cooktop: Thermador Professional Series PCG366E 36" gas, six burners
vent: Broan 900 cfm external blower 332H
microwave: Sharp Over-The-Counter R-1214
refrigerator drawers: GE Monogram 24" ZIDI240PII
(delivery and installation of above appliances was ~$700)
instant hot / cold faucet and tank: Mountain Products Little Gourmet MT1401
under-sink water filter: Culligan
sink: Bates and Bates S2133.SS stainless apron front
faucet: Pegasus Professional Kitchen, from Expo (thanks to susanandmarkw)
soap dispenser: Danze Parma
dishwasher: KitchenAid KUDS03FTPA
air switch for above-sink light: Mountain Plumbing, stainless
disposal: Insinkerator Evolution Cover Control

hardware, ~$1,100
pulls: Restoration Hardware 4" Gilmore Pulls, polished nickel
knobs: Restoration Hardware 1.25" Cut Glass Knobs, polished nickel
fridge / freezer pulls: Hickory Hardware Studio 13" bright nickel
broom closet pull: Hickory Hardware Studio 5" bright nickel

lighting, ~$300
undercabinet lighting: Pegasus Associates Microfluorescent T4 fixtures
lighting inside cabinets: line voltage (120V) xenon pucks, American Lighting

countertop & backsplash, material, fabrication and installation ~$19K
Calacatta Xtra (seriously, thats its name), honed, 3cm, with eased square edge thanks to mnhockeymom for the inspiration!), runnels and a dishdrain
backsplash: Calacatta Xtra, 2cm
island butcherblock countertop provided by cabinetmaker

painting, ~$1K
walls: BM 871 Pearl River, Regal Matte Finish
ceiling: 50% BM 871, Regal Flat Finish
wainscoting: BM Impervo, custom to match cabinetry
toekicks: BM Onyx (which I painted myself with "help" from our puppy)

floors, price unknown as bundled in with installation of hardwood for entire first floor and staircase
red oak, "popped" with water then one heavy coat of Dura-Seal Ebony Stain (thanks to my husband for finding out how to get the dark finish I wanted from red oak), three coats of Bona Satin Water-Based Sealer

construction, ~$16K (I think, as it was bundled in with a nearly-whole house remodel)
removal of old cabinets, closing up old doorway to dining room, framing new entrance to dining room, moving almost all electrical plus some new, moving all plumbing plus much new, drywall (inc. smooth-coating existing orange-peel), fabricating / installing wainscoting in breakfast nook and sink wall facing family room and new casing around sliding door and window, crown moulding installation and painting

kitchen designer, $3K
(we contentiously parted ways v. early in the process, but not until she had suggested moving the doorway to the dining room down the wall, and we love this change)

Things we love
or, what we did right
-Sans doute moving the opening into the dining room down the wall so as to make a U-shape kitchen was the smartest thing we did. It has increased the function / made better the ergonomics tremendously!

-Large, single bowl, apron front sink. Having all that continuous room for washing large pots / pans / baking dishes is so incredible! I love how the apron front eliminates any lower back pain not far to reach into the sink. We also have no splashing, as opposed to what we had with a shallower, drop-in sink.

-Raised dishwasher. It just makes sense! I know many love their dishdrawers but as we run a full or nearly-full dishwasher nightly, it would not have made sense for us to have dishdrawers.

-Side-opening wall oven. I was on the fence a long time on this one: that oven set (the Gaggenau 30" double wall ovens) was really expensive, but oh how we love the side-opening mechanism! It just makes so much sense.

-Foot pedal trash. Hands full of broccoli remnants + foot pedal trash = genius.

-Magnetic chalkboards my children adore them! My older son (four years-old) loves drawing his robots and writing; my younger son (two years-old) loves standing and "coloring." We love being able to keep our timer and grocery list in a central and easy-to-locate spot.

-Full freezer and full refrigerator: we wonder how we lived before with combined units. It sounds insane, but for our vegetarian family with little children we are absolutely utilizing these separate units to their fullest.

-Polished nickel hardware: its beautiful. Its just beautiful, and it takes a lot of work to get them looking icky / dirty; plus, I have to say they are a breeze to clean (when they do get icky)!

-Getting our puppy one month to the day after the remodel started (and three months before it ended). It was such hard work miserably hard, puppy-training and living amidst chaos (as we were doing nearly the whole house). But man-oh-man am I glad we did it all at once! I am so grateful to have had all the ick and dreck at once. (Shes a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and we swear shes part-cat: v. gentle, smart, affectionate. Shes never ever growled / been angry with our two little children, and our youngest is not the gentlest. He loves the puppy, but his love can be a bit rough. Cavaliers are also known for loving cats, and our youngest cat is the puppys best friend. They adore each other. But the puppy really really loves the children.)

-Not fighting. In our normal lives my husband I occasionally bicker were married and were both strong, opinionated people. But for some strange (and miraculous) reason, we never had a fight during the entire remodel; we got along splendidly and truly were a team. Well, maybe not a team: I was definitely The Chief, but he was 100% on board and totally supportive. I wish I knew why that was because Id like to bottle it!

Things we dont love
or, things wed do differently
(There are only two things we absolutely wish wed done differently, things which we notice [and which irk us] on a daily basis. Ill list those two first.)
#1 thing which drives us crazy
-Think about where countertop accoutrements (inc. countertop appliances) would live when planning light switches. I had one undercab light switch put, I thought, in an inconspicuous spot near the corner. I absolutely should have figured out where Id be putting our toaster because, as it happens, the toaster now blocks the light switch. Weve tried moving the toaster around but thats just the spot where it makes sense. But yet it doesnt make sense because it blocks the light switch. This is already frustrating and totally stupid on my part!

#2 thing which drives us crazy
-Pantry pull-outs. HATE them! Maybe hate is too strong a word (not really), but we realize now we would have been so much happier with standard shelves, not even roll-out shelves! (although those are divine) We have the pantry units from Rev-A-Shelf and find a) they are "adjustable" in name only, b) they dont hold as much as youd think, and c) a space-waster. If wed had shelves we could have stacked cans or seen at one glance all our dry-goods. As it is, we have to pull out three separate units and honestly, we think its crap. Never again!

(These other things are things which wed do differently in the future but which arent frustrating us daily.)
-24" deep lower cabinets. Too shallow! We didnt realize until too late (as in, unpacking into this kitchen) that our penultimate kitchen had 32" deep lowers. What a difference! In all fairness to myself (as in, trying to make myself feel better), given the tight quarters of this kitchen we could not have afforded even 30" deep lowers; well, we could have, but then we would have lost our island which we are really enjoying. Next kitchen will be really different!

-Symmetry. I dont know if its just for symmetrys sake or for my husbands, but flanking either side of the cooktop are spice pull-outs. Granted, hes got them both filled to the gills with his goodies, but I could really use those 6" in my stack of baking supply drawers. Given the particulars of the layout of our kitchen the symmetry there would not have mattered.

-Having our microwave built-in. My husband was adamant he did NOT want a built-in microwave (the kind which have the trim-kits, I mean), so we found the Sharp over-the-counter microwave. Turns out there was some sort of "miscommunication" with the GC (so I guess Im responsible). The "problem" is that the drywall behind the microwave wasnt removed and reframed so as to accommodate the 1.5" the microwave juts out past its surrounding cabinetry. Its already not bothering me so much, but when I do think about it I think "I wish wed been clearer." Hopefully Ill learn to live with it because I just dont want to pay for the work!

-Double Ovens. Weve always (well, in the US) had double ovens and I love to bake, so I never thought of a single oven. But so far, Ive only been using one oven and as were the strictest of vegetarians its not as if well ever have a turkey in one and pie in the other. I think how differently the space (& money) could have been utilized . Who knows?

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank so many of you for your incredible kindness and support, both here in the forum and offline via e-mail. Ive developed a genuine fondness for many here, and seeing your handles online always brightens my day. To a one, thank you. You are my community.



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My finished kitchen!

posted by: greta17 on 07.05.2008 at 11:39 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hey everyone! I've only posted here a handful of times but read tons of information to help with our kitchen. This entire house was a complete gut and redo and a year after moving back in, we finally finished the kitchen. Pretty much the only thing we had left to do was the backsplash, but you know how that goes. Anyway, I thought I'd share some pictures because I always liked seeing people's finished product. Some of the pics are a tad blurry...I was having camera issues.
Pantry and oven wall
Island top
Close up of island granite

Cabinets - custom. Painted using Cabinet Coat colored in White Dove by BM
Floors - red oak stained medium brown
Countertops - Absolute black granite on the perimeter, Monte Bello granite on the island
Backsplash - Walker Zanger Newport Seaweed subway
Door hardware - ORB cup pulls on the drawers, and ORB egg shaped knobs on the doors
Faucet - Kohler Vinnata...the smaller one (I can't remember the dimensions, but I believe its about 2" shorter than the large one)
Lighting - the 2 lights over the island are mini-chandeliers I got from Lighting Universe online
Fridge - Jenn Air counter depth
Range - 6 burner Viking
Oven - 30" GE Profile
Microwave - LG
Dishwasher - Asko

Thanks to everyone who shared their information. Overall, we are very pleased with it. There are a few things I'd do differently but they are pretty minor. If it wasn't for this site, I'm not sure it would have turned out as nice as it did.


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Finsihed Creamy White and Soapstone Kitchen - Pics!

posted by: mary_in_nc on 07.17.2008 at 01:15 pm in Kitchens Forum

Finally the last details of the kitchen are finished and I feel I can finally post pictures! So many thanks to all of you on GW, especially you stoners!






Here is a link that might be useful: Finished Kitchen Pictures


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RE: Island with both granite and wood tops? PIcs?? (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: erikanh on 07.24.2008 at 08:35 pm in Kitchens Forum

I'm planning to have butcher block on one end of my island, and I may lower it a bit for more comfortable cutting and rolling.

Here are so photos from my inspiration file ... hope they help!



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Any pics of butcher blocks after years of use?

posted by: erikanh on 07.22.2008 at 12:19 am in Kitchens Forum

I would love to have butcher block built into my island. I know there is considerable maintenance required, but that doesn't turn me off. Since my island will probably include a prep sink, I'd like to put the butcher block on one end something like this:


Does anyone have any pics of what their butcher blocks look like after years of regular use?


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RE: Any pics of butcher blocks after years of use? (Follow-Up #15)

posted by: mamadadapaige on 07.22.2008 at 03:44 pm in Kitchens Forum

hi erika,
funny you mention that about crownpoint because the designer I worked with called me about a month ago and said that calls had been coming in and because of MY kitchen!! I was floored and so flattered. He was a little peaved that I hadn't mentioned his name as the new clients weren't making their way to him (his name is Mark Wirta by the way... tons of experience with kitchens / gave me rock solid confidence that it would all be done the right way / REALLY easy and nice to work with / VERY responsive to my phone calls and to changes I asked to make / was not at all bothered that I came up with own design and did not try to "take over".). Anyway, there I gave him a plug.

re: the butcherblock. I have been oiling it once a week or so / maybe once every other week now that I have had it a while. it is very easy and quick to oil and not a hassle at all. i have to admit that I haven't been chopping on it a lot but have been using it as a work surface. I did roll out dough on it and that was nice to have such a big surface. it cleaned up nicely after that. i thought i'd be chopping on it by now, but still can't bring myself to do it even though I love the look of a well used chopping block.

hi pupwhipped - I would be happy to share with you how it all happened and thank you for the nice compliment! First, I was googling custom butcherblock countertops and came up with this place in Texas - they work in Mesquite which is VERY hard and really pretty. They sent a couple of samples (free of charge... made me feel bad that they didn't get the business / they were very pleasant to deal with ). I can't remember their name, but I was set to go with them until I found out that freight to me in Massachusetts would be $750... so I started looking around and found out about Grothouse from GW. I spoke to the man who answers the phone at Grothouse... he was very knowledgable (Chad or something like that) and explained that I was looking at Mesquite. he said don't do it - mesquite splits because it is so dry (not sure if this is true or not but I wasn't willing to risk it as I had heard nothing about the Texas company and only excellent recommendations re: Grothouse). He said that the closest coloring and hardness to Mesquite was Brazilian Cherry so I ordered sample of End Grain, Edge Grain and Flat Grain. I asked neighbors, friends, family etc which they preferred. We all unanimously preferred the end grain (which just so happened to be the most expensive --- which is truly the story of my life). My architect placed the order for me which netted a 25 ish % discount - I paid direct though and my architect gave me a gift of not charging me to place the order (which is his and probably all architect's normal custom).

anyway, I think it makes my kitchen and I am so happy we splurged for it and I can tell you if you decide to go with Grothouse you will not be disappointed. they are VERY professional and with a very fast turn around time. The cost for the BB top ended up being about $23 / sq. ft. more than the granite cost, so it is an upcharge but maybe not so much that you can't find some savings elsewhere in the budget to afford it.

Let me know what you decide to do. The other choices you are considering sound really nice too.

ps: when I ordered the grothouse samples, i figured first that i'd probably end up going with them and had called them several times to ask big and small questions. otherwise I wouldn't have forked over $75 for samples (but I did get that $$ back when I placed an order and having the samples was absolutlely the only way I would have been able to make a decision).


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RE: Any pics of butcher blocks after years of use? (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: mamadadapaige on 07.22.2008 at 09:00 am in Kitchens Forum

hi Erika,

like karalouise I got a few estimates and ended up going with Grothouse Lumber and can't say enough about the process. I think if you plan to chop no the butcherblock you shouldn't get it sealed. The sealing is not food safe as far as I know (although Karalouise could know something that I don't).

The top we got from Grothouse was end grain, size was 44" x 74", price was just under $3K including freight. They sell samples for $25 each and the price comes off of your order if you place an order.

here is a pic of ours (it has only been in for a couple of months, but as mentioned by others you can sand it down when it gets yucky ( if you don't seal it)).


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RE: Any pics of butcher blocks after years of use? (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: jeannie_kitchen on 07.22.2008 at 07:43 am in Kitchens Forum

You can see that whole kitchen (and lots more gorgeous kitchens) at That's Susan Serra's website. I wish I had found out about her before I started my kitchen, I would definitely have used her.


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RE: Any pics of butcher blocks after years of use? (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: karalouise on 07.22.2008 at 07:21 am in Kitchens Forum

Hi Erika. I got wood countertop estimates from Brooks Wood, Devos Woodworking and Grotthouse Lumber. If you were to go with Brooks Wood Premium Wide Plank line you wouldnt have a problem with the 'wear and tear' of other wood countertops. They have a process which completely seals the wood, and supposedly NEVER has to be refinished.....even with a sink or cooktop. Look at the website for further info I will say that the Premium Wide Plank line comes at a price. When my island estimate came back at $15K, I decided against wood!! I was able to get the estimate down to $5K from Devos but it didn't come with the same sealing process and warranty.
I know you asked for pictures and have probably done all of this research already, but just in case you hadn't come across Brooks Wood, I thought I would send it!!


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RE: white subway tile cost? (Follow-Up #11)

posted by: spoonwood on 06.20.2008 at 11:50 am in Kitchens Forum

We went with the inexpensive Daltile (it's actually the off-white shade) and we are very happy with the choice.


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