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Replacing pot lights w/ LEDs

posted by: CEFreeman on 12.26.2011 at 12:06 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi all!

I have started considering replacing the bulbs in all my recessed lighting with LED bulbs.

There are two considerations:
1) Do they come dimmable that actually work? (Unlike CFLs.)
2) Do they come with a coating that colors them so they're not that ugly, aging electric blue light?

I have the Halo type that don't have a cover on them, so the bulb is exposed. That means I need the shape that's large, round and flat where it hangs down towards the floor. Does that make any sense whatsoever? I'm open to the ideas of covers...?

Anyone got experience with this?


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RE: Marble Walk-in Shower - Kerdi Shower Pan? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: lazarususa on 09.03.2009 at 07:09 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Marble is beautiful, but is also pourous. Yes, the maintenance is more extensive.....just depends on how well you keep up the maintenance.

Bear in mind that you'll need to have a plumber upgrade the drain from a 1.5" to a 2" drain....and have it centered.

A Kerdi pan works well, as does the Kerdi Curb....but, truthfully, a mud pan and curb is cheaper and, if you have a good tile mechanic, cheaper. Kerdi for the floor, walls and Kerdi drain is a very GOOD move, however.

Pricing is difficult to estimate, depending on where you live and the market there. The Schluter/Kerdi materials will run about $400 or so. The labour for a rip-out, rebuild, mud, and install could range anywhere from 3/K to over 5/K....and I've seen and done them higher than that.


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sshrivastava - Soft Water DW Etching question

posted by: smarge on 10.21.2007 at 11:21 pm in Appliances Forum

Hi sshrivastava,

I just read something you wrote in another post about hot or cold water DW hook-up.

You said that it is a no-no to connect a DW to whole-house softened water => "no end of trouble w/etching, etc."

Where I live we have very hard water, and therefore have a Culligan water softener. We also currently have a Bosch DW (the one top rated by CR 2 years ago) and I don't have a single glass that has survived the DW without a disgusting cloudiness!

I am planning a major renovation in a house we bought and hope to move into in Feb. This house will have a water softener installed. I need to order 2 DW for my new large kitchen. I was set on buying 2 Bosch, hoping the slightly less hard water in our new town will save our glasses (14 grains instead of 16). I was going to buy Bosch b/c my DH said "There is NO WAY the cloudiness is caused by the DW, and any plumber would say it is b/c of the water - period!" I'm driving myself absolutely bonkers researching DW, and go back and forth about what is causing my cloudiness. I'd really like to not think about my DW and just end up with glasses that are pleasant to drink out of and not be embarrassed to serve someone a glass of water!

It SEEMS like using Glass Magic helps the cloudiness and almost makes it go away on some glasses, although never completely. I have soaked my glasses in a wash basin FULL of vinegar and it doesn't do a thing to remove the cloudiness. I only use a tablespoon of DW detergent (Trader Joe's brand, has enzymes.) and I always use Jet Dry and use Glass Magic every time unless the stores run out.

I've read tonight that soft water that is heated very high in the DW can cause etching, so now I'm thinking the reason I have etching is that the Bosch uses condensate drying, which as I understand it, means the rinse water is super-heated to cause rapid evaporation of the water when the door is opened.

I did a Google search using "Bosch Dishwasher cloudy glasses" and got many hits where people were gripping about their cloudy glasses w/the Bosch. I did the same search substituting Miele for Bosch and only got hits saying how great the Miele was because of the salts that help with HARD WATER, which supposedly causes the cloudiness!

So, before I lose my mind, and in the interest of buying 2 DW that will clean my glasses without a care:

* Do I try to connect un-softened water to my DW, buy Miele's, and use the DW salts to combat the hard water?

* Do I connect the DW to the house softened water and not use Miele salts since water is already soft?

* Do I be sure to connect using cold water and use the China care setting to wash glasses?

* Could it be the detergent? Should I try Cascade Complete in my current Bosch?


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