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propagation system

posted by: earendil82 on 10.13.2009 at 03:34 pm in Rose Propagation Forum

I just thought I would share with folks a simple propagation system that has worked for me with roses, gardenias, blueberries, and lantanas.

I take a cutting early in the morning, dab a bit of root stimulator on it, and insert the end into a mix of 50% perlite and 50% peat moss. I thin put it under my home made mist system, which involves a timer on the faucet (bought at lowe's) and cheap landscape watering system (also bought at lowe's), which are under a small arched cold frame with cheap plastic dropcloth over it. I thin put shadecloth over it to keep it from scorching in the sun or getting too hot. It takes 3-4 weeks for them to root. Hope that helps somebody. Thanks!


try this next spring
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