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Do you have a vessel sink? Likes & dislikes?

posted by: Rareindigo on 07.11.2012 at 12:41 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Having trouble deciding on a sink for our vanity (old dresser only 18 inches deep).

Its hard to find a small drop in sink, so I'm considering a vessel. Are you happy with your vessel - would you put one in again?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


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Seeking opinions on walnut flooring and countertops

posted by: mrsmortarmixer on 08.02.2012 at 04:50 am in Kitchens Forum

Really, I'm just a horrible decision maker and just when I think things are starting to turn around, I get a broken sink leading me right back to square one.

We have black walnut floors and countertops. Flooring is installed and finish is drying. I have no pictures to accurately portray the color. Two different trees were milled for the floor, one sat longer and is a deeper, more reddish hue, the second tree produced a more grey-brown colored wood. I'm mixing them together just because it seems wasteful not to, and I think once it's all dry and done, the color changes won't be as noticeable. Actually, I think I'm just hoping and praying that it won't look stupid or clash with the pink tones in the brick. At least there are a few red bricks in the mix, I guess. I had planned on staining the countertop darker than the floor, but am now having second thoughts and I love the color of the grey-brown walnut, which is what the entire countertop will be, that I'd like to leave it natural as well. So will the endless sea of black walnut be overwhelming for a kitchen? If it makes any difference, the grain of the island will run perpendicular to the floor. I guess my biggest concern is that I will lose the natural beauty of the walnut color if I go with a stain, and it will most likely bring out more red. Neither of which I want. I searched houzz but couldn't find any kitchens that looked like they had matching floors and countertops. I found some that had both but went darker on one or the other. I'm hoping that the white and almost black cabinets in between will break up the space and I can get by with it, plus it saves me time and energy that I'm running out of.


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