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Hot Pepper Ketchup

posted by: pepperdave on 01.28.2014 at 08:30 pm in Hot Pepper Forum

I make this every year using wax peppers and anchos.
3 gal. Hot peppers cut in rings
64 oz Ketchup
2 cups vinegar
2 cups Canola Oil
2 cups sugar
Heat Vinegar,Oil,Sugar,and Ketchup. Add peppers Heat to boil
[Cook until peppers are a little soft ]
Put in pint jars . Cold pack [Hot Bath] for 10 min.
This stuff in to die for . Try it on eggs
I also put a single Butt in a few jars but its too hot for most people
but I like it
Makes 14 pints of pure goodness


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Hot Sauce Tip

posted by: TomT226 on 01.25.2014 at 06:39 am in Hot Pepper Forum

For anybody experiencing separation or sedimentation of your thin sauces.
Use xanthan gum dissolved in water. About 1/4 teaspoon dissolved in a couple tablespoons of cold water works for a pint.
After the final blending and straining, put it in the blender with the gum and process one minute. Pour it into a bowl and let it sit on the counter for at least an hour so the bubbles can escape.
Guaranteed not to separate after that.


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sneaky trick for making brown sauce from chocolate peppers

posted by: judo_and_peppers on 11.27.2013 at 03:45 pm in Hot Pepper Forum

I made a batch of chocolate scorpion sauce a week or two ago, and found it quite disappointing on an aesthetic level, because pure ground up choc scorps have a lovely brown color. but when I make sauce with superhots I add bell peppers and tomato paste to the mix to dilute it a bit, that way it's still thick, but isn't murderously hot. and when you add red bells to the mix, the end result is a red sauce. disappointing to say the least. we taste with our eyes first, then our noses, and finally our tongues. a visually unappealing sauce already has a strike against it.

so I had been trying to think of how to make a brown sauce, and I was racking my brain to find a commercially available brown mild pepper to use as the filler without breaking the bank. then the lightbulb in my head turned on, when I thought back to the things I learned in kindergarten. red finger paint + green finger paint = a brown mess.

so I figured out the answer is to use 2 green bells for every one red bell in the recipe. it changes the flavor slightly, but not necessarily in a bad way.

so for all of you out there who love your douglahs, chocolate habs, and choc bhuts, etc., and wanna make a sauce that's chromatically representative of the peppers used, the answer is simple.

in the picture from left to right: the ground up chocolate scorpions (see the thread on keeping large quantities of peppers from going to waste), the remainder of the first batch (delicious sauce, already sold out), and finally the new one with a lovely brown color (I think it's even better tasting, but I'm quite biased).


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I've outdone myself

posted by: judo_and_peppers on 11.19.2013 at 12:50 am in Hot Pepper Forum

I made the most epic thing ever. I mentioned before that I had given thought to chocolate spicy bacon. well I did it.

half a bag of bacon jerky (32 grams, to be exact)
1 small bag of chocolate chips (I used milk chocolate)
1/8 tsp superhot powder (I used tim's devil dust)
1 muffin tin
lil muffin cup things

-put the bacon jerky in the food processor with the devil dust and ground it up really good
-melte the chocolate in the microwave (I melted my chocolate in a mixing cup, and set it in a cup of hot but nowhere near boiling water, which kept it soft and easy to work with)
-mix it all together
-spoon into muffin cups in tray
-put in freezer to harden

I got 9 out of it (1 didn't last long enough to get its picture taken). I think it's a bit too hot for what I hoped to achieve, but it's delicious, and not bad for a first run. I could have stretched it to at least 12, but worried it would have been too thin. frankly having eaten it I think it woulda been better thinner so each one lasts a bit longer.

do it. OMG the awesomeness, with only about 30 min total invested. I don't think I can put into writing how amazing this is, so I'm not even gonna try. just do it.


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keeping lots of pods from going to waste

posted by: judo_and_peppers on 10.30.2013 at 12:55 pm in Hot Pepper Forum

my primary use for my superhots is making sauce with them. I had about 150 pods (several different varieties) in the fridge, that were beginning to go soft. school is kicking my ass right now (5 classes of all upper level engineering material) so I don't have time to make them all into sauce right now. I didn't wanna deal with freezing them (namely due to lack of experience doing so), and what I wanted to do was make a sauce out of a blend of all the varieties. I did this not too long (with about 60 peppers) ago and made over a gallon of the hottest sauce I've ever made.

so my solution was to toss all 150 in the blender and put in just enough vinegar to get them to blend well (14 fl oz in this case). it reduced to about 40oz of thick liquid, so strong it burned my nose before I even opened the blender. I figure when I go to make sauce, if I'm making a small batch I'll just put a few oz of the "dense mix" in the blender with a bell or two, and add spices.

I find that for me the perfect level of heat is roughly 1 superhot per 5oz bottle of sauce. so that should mean I can make 150 bottles of perfectly hot sauce out of this if I divide it up evenly, with a fair degree of consistency since it's all coming from the same base.

note the awesome color achieved due to all the chocolate pods in there. my wife thinks I need a warning label on that stuff if it's gonna stay in the fridge.


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