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RE: BOM - Block of the Month? (Follow-Up #37)

posted by: lindaoh on 09.03.2012 at 07:16 pm in Quilting Forum

This is a BOM that I did at the LQS and set it together with the BB2 pattern. I tend to do the blocks each month but not finish the quilt till much later.
Linda OH


BQ2 layout. Clever way to use only 12 blocks to make a large quilt. Remember this!
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Sabine's City Lights

posted by: loisf on 02.26.2012 at 11:51 am in Quilting Forum

Well, I still have to trim threads, label it and wash it, but here is my version of Cherri House's City Lights. The pattern called for pale and medium pastels to be used, but I couldn't find any pale enough to suit me. I wanted a very neutral palette, so I used off-whites, taupes, tans, greys and greens. This quilt is for my step-daughter, Sabine. Her home is very modern, so I hope this will please her. Thanks for looking.




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Techno Twinkie Stuff (Photos, Fonts, Links)

posted by: k8orlando on 12.30.2011 at 01:43 pm in Quilting Forum

Someone asked recently about posting photos and so it seems like a good time to review all the techie stuff for our forums.

If you have any questions, let me know!


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Easy Photo Posting Instructions (K8)

posted by: solstice98 on 06.30.2008 at 07:54 pm in Quilting Forum

I've seen a few requests for this information since I started posting on the Quilting Forum, so I thought I would just enter it all here. If this doesn't work for you or if you have problems, send me an email and I'll see if I can help. I love to see pictures so I'm happy to help anyone make that happen!

DON'T BE NERVOUS! This may sound complicated the first time but once you've done it you'll see it's easy and fun. You'll be posting pictures every time you visit the forum!

First of all, you need an account on a photo sharing site where you can store some pictures. You can't link directly to photos in your computer. Photobucket is the one I use the most and I think it's very, very easy, but Picasa, Kodak Gallery, and several other sites work just as well, I'm sure. These sites all have free accounts available and so you can start posting photos today without any expense. Cool, huh?

So, once you have the account set up, follow the instructions for uploading pictures from your computer. You can add them one at a time, or upload several at once. (See below for some thoughts on setting up albums.) Don't worry about losing them. You are just copying them to Phtoobucket and you'll keep them on your computer. Besides being able to share them, it's also a good backup for your most precious pictures.

When you have some photos loaded, your page will look something like this:

Photobucket Sample

To add a photo directly into your forum message, click once on the line under the photo that's labeled HTML Code. Then go to your message in the Quilt Forum (or whichever forum you want) and paste it into your text message. It will show up just as text until you hit the "Preview Message" button. Then the picture should show up. If it doesn't, check to be sure you selected the HTML Code line instead of one of the others.

You can add as many pictures to a single message as you want, but if you do more than 3 or 4 it gets very slow to open for people who use dial up.

Here's a good thing to understand: your picture doesn't really get transferred to GardenWeb. What happens is that the HTML code is telling GardenWeb (with magic computer instructions) where to go in Photobucket to find the photo AND it's also telling it to display the photo. If you delete the photo or even move it in Photobucket to a different album, GardenWeb will still have the old instructions and won't be able to find it. The link will be broken. If you edit the picture in Photobucket, making it smaller or adding a border, that will show up the next time someone looks at the message in GardenWeb. The real picture stays in Photobucket - GardenWeb just temporarily imports it each time someone opens your post. I hope that makes sense. If it doesn't let me know and I'll try again!

About albums: When you first set up your account, you'll see where you can "Add a new album". Since you won't want to move photos later (because you'll break the link), it's a good idea to set up a few albums right away. I suggest one for Home (house pictures), one for pets, one for garden, one for quilts, one for vacations, etc. It's easy to add them at any time so they don't need to all be set up right away, but a couple are a good idea. I even have one called Miscellaneous for any pictures that don't see to fit anywhere else!



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RE: 2012 Quilt block Lottos: rules and guidelines. (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: micyrey on 12.20.2011 at 07:14 am in Quilting Forum

Here's how the monthly lotto works...
By the first of each month, the block lotto is posted on the forum.

You may enter from 1 to 3 blocks. For each block you send, your name will be entered once.

Please put your blocks, along with a slip of paper with your real name, address, and FORUM name, inside a plastic baggie. (A return address label inside or on the outside of baggie works well too.)

Please include one dollar to cover postage for sending on to the winner.

We ask that everyone only send their best efforts! We are not looking for perfection, but please take your time, have fun, and send only the quality that you would like to receive.

Please note the following guidelines:

Use 100% QUILTING cotton and please - no fur, smoke or fragrances.

Selvage edges should be trimmed off before cutting for blocks and all seams should be 1/4 inch.

Your finished block should be squared up to be no less than 1/4 inch smaller nor 1/4 inch larger than the stated (unfinished) size for the month.

Blocks need to reach the lotto coordinator no later than the last day of the month.

The winner will be drawn on the first day of the following month and posted on the forum.

The winner is to choose a block and/or colors for a future lotto that will be added to the list.


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