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RE: Advice for winter sowing sweet peas (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: littleonefb on 01.07.2012 at 12:50 am in Winter Sowing Forum

I posted this in 2010 about my experience with sweet peas and wintersowing.

Hope this helps all of you this year as well.


Until last year my germination rate on sweet peas, whether they were WS or direct sown is in the zero to 3 seedlings, if I'm lucky.
No matter what I did with the seeds, nick them and soak them, soak them and sow them, just sow them, those where my results.


Last year I purchased 2 kinds of sweet peas, snoopea and elegant lady and got 2 sets of different instructions from TM seeds. On line it said to surface sow the seeds and on the packets it was cover with 1 inch of soil.

Well, the only thing I never tried was surface sow the seeds. So figured, what the heck, one last shot.

Soaked the seeds overnight and Surfaced sowed the seeds, just pressed them into the soil and left them on the top and Low and Behold, out of 25 seeds of each kind, I got 25 seedlings.

Talk about being shocked.

So this year, I sowed more snoopeas, elegant lady and added streamers and high scent and did an experiment.

Snoopeas and elegant lady where soaked in water overnight and surfaced sowed, and all the seeds germinated into wonderful seedlings.

With the high scent and streamers that say to cover with 1 inch or so of soil, I soaked all the seeds overnight and sowed have the seeds according to the packages and the other half where soaked overnight and surface sowed.

25 high scent seeds soaked and surfaced sowed all germinated, the 25 seeds soaked and sowed as directed with soil on top, only 4 seeds germinated as of this morning.

25 streamer seeds, soaked and surfaced sowed all germinated, the 25 seeds soaked and sowed as directed with soil on top of seeds, only 3 germinated.

So from now on, all my sweet pea seeds will be soaked overnight in water, then surfaced sowed. No more soil on top of them.

Oh, the sweet peas seeds, all 4 kinds where sowed on 4/12/10 and germinated between 4/25 and 4/29.



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