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Mother can't hear the telvision

posted by: heidiho on 03.02.2011 at 06:52 pm in Care Givers Forum

I'm in the process of moving my mother to my home. She's 87 and ready for me to care for her on daily basis.
When I go to visit her now the television is very, very loud and I'm wondering how to solve this problem when she moves in with me.
She will never agree to hearing test. I've tried several times to discuss it with her and she says no and to close the subject. I've read up on several different types of earphones but none seem to be what she will be able to adjust to.The ones that fit on outer ear seem bulky and because she spends most of her time in bed watching tv she will not be able to lay on her side. The ones that fit in the ear have wires and she naps off and on all day and will get tangled in them. I have not seen very many good reviews on either type of earphones.
Don't think she can keep up with closed caption as I have problems keeping up with the words.
Is there a solution to this problem?
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time and have a nice day.


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Questions re: planting under black walnut...

posted by: kmickleson on 08.05.2005 at 02:57 pm in Gardening in Shade Forum

I think someone named Walnut Grove hangs out here, & may be able to help, along with others, with my questions. I'm having a shed built under the high canopy of a black walnut, and am in planning-research process for a shade garden to surround it. I know there are many resource lists of plants which can grow under the tree. I expect I'll do a mix of containers & in-ground plantings.

1. what's the root system of BW's like? Shallow? Deep? Dense?

2. how far out from the base of the tree trunk must I measure before beginning plantings..and/or adding good soil on top to form elevated planting berms? One book says at least 8', which seems a bit much. What are the pros & cons of starting further out vs nearer in?

3. if planting in ground, presumably between & among roots, what should I know when creating planting 'pockets'? There must be issues re: competition between the tree roots & whatever I plant, irrigation, etc. I'd be putting good soil into such pockets. Any tips?

4. anyone grown shade-tolerant clumping bamboos under a BW? [This ones trunk is backed up along a very long redwood fence & I'd like to plant some 6-8' clumping bamboos along the fence on either side of the trunk.]



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Old slate floor renovation help

posted by: swickbb on 05.25.2009 at 06:30 pm in Flooring Forum

Anyone have any suggestions how to clean up and repair the grout lines in an old slate floor? I had one floor cleaner professional remove the polyurethane or whatever is on the floor in one small section before he realized it was going to take a lot more work than we estimated. The removal is one thing, but how to repair/renovate the grout lines is another. There is all kinds of efflorescence and chips/holes in the grout lines. The floor guy says it was an old "mud job" with the slate laid into it.
Here are the pictures of it where you can see the before and after removal:
Slate Floor

Is this something that can be repaired? I hate to have to seal it all up and put another floor over it. All that mixed slate has so much character and it would look marvelous with clean lines after it has the shiny surface removed.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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