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Catts to bloom mid-May???

posted by: granniek on 02.21.2009 at 08:49 am in Orchids Forum

All my large blooming catts are Fall Winter bloomers. Any suggestions for ones that will bloom from May thru the summer? TIA.

Sheila :)


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Three easy and bloomingful catts

posted by: mehitabel on 10.28.2006 at 03:48 pm in Orchids Forum

*Encyclia Green Hornet (E cochleata x E lancifolia) --

Someone here mentioned what a wonderful plant it was, and Oak Hill had it cheap, so I bought one in April. It has roots now filling a 6" pot in Aussie Gold, and has bloomed non-stop since I got it. Three spikes now. The last spike has 6 flowers open at once. The flowers are cochleata type, but with the lancifolia parent contributing shorter skirts that flare out like a whirling dancer (think Greek men in their white dancing skirts).

It is also smaller and tidier than the cochleata parent. This would make a great gift for the non-orchid person.

*Pot Hoku Gem (Bl Richard Mueller x Pot Tangerine Jewel).

This is a pale to gold yellow with lots of dots, clusters of small flowers that favor the R Mueller parent. It blooms from a very young age, and seems to bloom on every new growth. I got one from H & R this summer which had two spikes that opened with 6 flowers each. The two spikes lasted about 10 weeks, bright gold flowers with red dots, terrific.

It blooms from a very young age. It's a small, tidy plant, too. So far mine is no more than 6" high.

What caused me to post about it was that after loving the one from H & R, I saw another 2" one at Hausermann's and got it in August. I just was downstairs and found it had a tiny spike with two buds on it. While that's a small number of buds, it's a tiny plant.

Finally, I had bought one last fall from Odom's, and it lost roots all winter in my huge root-rot jamboree last winter. I finally got it to re-root this summer when it was down to just a little scrap. And that little scrap opened a single blossom on a new shoot yesterday.

What a trooper! This is a fabulous plant for anyone with limited space who likes cluster-flowered catts.

*Stlma Kelly 'Lea' (Brassavola nodosa x Ctna Keith Roth) is the third one in this category of bloomingful wonders.

Bought this in bloom last fall. I posted here when I found new spikes all over it this July, and someone replied that I would love it because in addition to being beautiful it blooms on every new growth. After blooming in July, I noticed some spikes on it a couple of weeks ago, and one of the flowers opened today.

Kelly puts up lots of spikes with clusters of small flowers that have a glowing magenta lip and tepals that I would call "khaki" --a kind of pinky-green. The flowers are beautiful, and there have been pictures of it posted on the gallery.

So here it is just two months since it finished blooming and it wants to bloom again. It's also a small plant about 6-8 inches high.

Any of these three are so eager to bloom at the least encouragement (my rootless scrap of Hoku Gem) that they would be great confidence builders for someone newish to catts.

I'm not really trying to enable, just to inform. When I started out, I would have loved to know what some of the confidence-building easy and bloomingful catts were.

If anyone wants to add to this list of easy, bloomingful and beautiful catts, I'd love to hear about others of these.


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RE: Cattleya Footsteps (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: mehitabel on 08.20.2006 at 11:53 am in Orchids Forum

A lot of catt hybrids put out more than one shoot at once, nodosa hybrids like Maikai often 10 or so, B Little Stars 10, at least sev others , like Lc Gold Digger, Ken Battle and Iwa Apple Blossom, 3-4.

About the growing eyes-- I always find new sprouts first start growing in a mini-shade environment, shaded by a leaf or on the shady side of the plant. Dittoes the roots that come out of baskets.

If you paint a gel rooting hormone on a growing eye it will begin to swell and grow into a new shoot. You can sometimes get several eyes growing that way, tho often one grows faster or a little earlier than the other. I use *clonex* rooting gel, but Doc's is also good.


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RE: Q about Laelia anceps alba (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: richardol on 03.14.2006 at 11:36 pm in Orchids Forum

It sounds like you need to repot. I have all my plants in gravel, but I water a lot. If you want to have a weekly schedule you need a bark/perlite mix.

I always repot a new plant after blooming if I don't know it has been repotted in the last year. For one thing I want to know the state of the root health.

Even if the out-of-pot roots don't look good it doesn't mean that the roots inside are in trouble.


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