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RE: Sooooo, what's everyone working on now.... (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: craftymeca on 11.19.2005 at 10:03 pm in Crafts and Decorations Forum

Hi, You will see there is another posting here asking where to get these patterns. Try there as I got my pattern from Fiddly Cat which was the originator of all these if I am not mistaken. Basically they are made with 2- l5" strips of muslin by 3 " wide.Sew these into a tube leaving one end open and stuff lightly or you will have trouble rolling up.Sew up the open end. Gently roll up the stuffed tube into a bun shape, secure with a few stitches. Then push up the bottom in the centre to look like a cinnabun after its been cooked in the oven.Then you stain your bun with i.e. tea or coffee, vanilla and cinnamon . I use a sponge brush to brush all over.Place in low oven on towel on baking sheet.Watch carefully so it does not burn appprox 15 mins or so(keep checking) After it cools you put on the icing. You have your choice of surebonder fabric stix or Joanne's carries white fabric glue sticks . The first comes out white from the g gun and the second comes out clear and then dries white. One is shiny one is not. In any event, you drizzle the icing all over the bun letting it drip down the sides including the stitiches holding it together.I also added some cinnabun fragrance oil to the bottom of the bun and in between the rolls. Mine from last year still smells like fresh baked. Very easy to do and ever more realistic. I will try to post a link for you to see a picture.Irene p.s. I dusted the tops with a little cinnamon


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