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Heronswood's Saving is Stalled/Ended

posted by: arbo_retum on 05.09.2007 at 05:00 pm in Northwestern Gardening Forum

this is the letter I received today re: this:
Dear PNHC Supporter,
We wish you keep you informed as to the latest developments in our efforts to acquire the garden at the former Heronswood Nursery:
On May 5 the board of the Pacific Northwest Horticultural Conservancy was notified by its chair, Lee Neff, that George Ball, president of W. Atlee Burpee Company, had not acted on PNHCs most recent offer to purchase the property containing the former Heronswood Nursery and garden. By not receiving a response from Heronswood/Burpee within the time frame contained in that offer, the PNHC board regretfully acknowledged that these negotiations were concluded.

The PNHC was founded to work toward the acquisition and preservation of the garden at the former Heronswood Nursery and has been in conversations with current property owner, the W. Atlee Burpee company, since October 2006.

As of last Friday, PNHC and Mr. Ball were one million dollars apart in the proposed purchase price for the property. Our research has shown that comparable and superior properties are selling for far less than Mr. Ball's asking price. As a non-profit, PNHC takes seriously its duty to donors to make sound and responsible financial decisions, and will not put the organization in fiscal jeopardy by committing itself to an unsupportable expenditure.
PNHC's annual Board meeting will be held in early June, and at that time the Board will consider its options and discuss future directions.
Please direct any questions or comments to

i'm sure we all are saddened by this and hopeful that some
positive resolution will eventually come about. oh Mr. Ball, can you not absolve yourself of your evil ways?



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Need short privacy shrub to preserve view

posted by: judysgardens on 03.16.2007 at 12:49 pm in Shrubs Forum

Last summer we added a retaining wall to extend our patio out about 15 feet. Our house sits up on a slope (that's why we needed the retaining wall) and we have a beautiful mountain view. However, the patio faces the street so we need a little privacy to sit out on the patio, barbeque, etc.

I've attached a link to pictures of the edge of the retaining wall and you can see the small shrubs that are there now. You can see the street down below. There's also pictures of a view looking at the retaining wall from the other side.

So, I planted 8 Escallonias "Red Elf" because they only grow 4 to 5 feet tall, are evergreen and have pretty small pink flowers. But I have to move them because THEY ATTRACT MANY MANY BEES!!! I can't have bees all over the patio where we are going to hang out, sit, eat dinner, etc.

WHAT CAN I REPLACE THEM WITH??? I don't care if there are flowers anymore, I would prefer evergreen, they can't spread out too wide because they have to stay somewhat within their 3-4 ft. border. I am willing to trim them lightly to maintain the proper size, but not constantly.

So, what we're looking for is an evergreen low to medium shrub 4-5 ft tall, 4 ft spread, full sun, average water, NO BEES, some interest, maybe variegated leaves.



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PJM Elite

posted by: judysgardens on 03.19.2007 at 01:36 pm in Northwestern Gardening Forum

I am trying to decide what to plant around a patio that is up on a slope and has a great mountain view off of it. The problem is that it also faces the street so we need a little privacy when we're hanging out there. I am considering planting Rhododendrom PJM Elite shrubs. Does anyone have experience with them on this forum and where is a good place to purchase them on the eastside in the Seattle area?

If you have any other suggestions, I would be happy to hear them, too! I am looking for an evergreen shrub that grows about 4' to 5', not too wide, full sun, that would be soft and pretty around a patio.

Thanks for any suggestions! :)


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Newbie - Transplanting new seedlings

posted by: judysgardens on 03.21.2007 at 03:40 pm in Growing from Seed Forum

This is the first time I'm growing vegetables from seeds. I have them under lights, but they are still growing thin and leggy and then falling over right before they get their true leaves. They're not dying, but seem weak. I tried to run a small fan on low, because I read that it strengthens the plant, but it blew them over even worse!!

2 questions...

1. When I transplant them the first time into their own little 4" cups after they get the 1st pair of true leaves, do I bury them in the dirt so only the leaves are outside and they are standing straight up? I did this to some of the lettuce plants and it seems like they are doing good.

2. Could the reason that the little seedlings are so leggy be that they're too far from the lights? They are only a couple inches from the lights. But, they still grow and fall over before they get their first true leaves.

They do seem to do okay when I transplant them, but it is really hard because I don't want to touch the spine and I'm so afraid they are going to bend and die.

So far I've got broccoli, brussels sprouts, romaine, leaf, and buttercrunch lettuce, and Italian parsley growing indoors. Can spinach be planted indoors, or should I just plant it directly outside?

I need a little help to get though this! :) Thanks!


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Sharpening hand tools

posted by: judysgardens on 03.21.2007 at 04:42 pm in Tool Shed Forum

I have a few hand tools that can use a good sharpening. How do you keep your hand tools sharp? Tools like pruners, loppers, shears, and any other tools that need to be sharpened.


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