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RE: Placemat pattern? (Follow-Up #10)

posted by: jennifer_in_va on 05.09.2006 at 11:58 am in Quilting Forum

The strips were cut 1 1/4" and finished at 3/4".

I think the finished placemat was 15" x 18".

The borders: I cut long strips. Sewed the first to the long sides, cut off extra leaving it a little long. Next sewed to the short sides cut, leaving it a little long. Press all borders towards the border. Last I sewed on the 4 'corners' (the short angled sides) laying the strip across the two adjoining sides; sewed the entire distance. Press that border toward the border, then trim off all the extra. (No mitering; basically like adding strips to a log cabin except you don't do adjoining strips)

It is an EB pattern, sort of, except I couldn't find the pattern/directions online...just a picture of the front of the book. I figured out the strip size based upon the overall size of the placemat I wanted. DH helped with the drawing layout and sizes. There are 2 different blocks that make up this pattern...

I'll try to get detailed intructions out asap.


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September I Spy swap sign up

posted by: amcfeely on 07.19.2006 at 06:58 pm in Quilting Forum

Okay ladies I haven't even swapped out July's fabric yet and you are already excited about a new swap. So here are the guidelines and the Due date. I have absolutely no problem hosting this one too. I think its fun to get all the packages in the mail and see all the different fabrics. Heck I might even participate in this one, if my budget allows.

Here are the swap guidelines for the I Spy fabric swap!!

Please read the swap guidelines carefully and follow them. Your fabrics will be returned if you neglect to follow the guidelines. This is a novelty print swap!!!

~ This swap is limited to participants on this Forum.
International swapper are welcome. Email me and we can
discuss postage arrangements.

~ The DEADLINE for mailing to me will be SEPTEMBER 16th.

~ Fabrics sent should be 100% quilters' cottons - no home dec or poly/cotton blends. "Send fabric you would like to receive back." Fabrics should include prints suitable for boys and girls. PLEASE, PLEASE PREWASH YOUR FABRIC.

~ Please be considerate of others: if your home has smokers or if you have critters that like to lay around on your fabric, please wash your swap fabric and keep it contained in a sealed zip bag until time to mail it. We would all like to receive clean, smoke-free and fur-free fabric.

~ Size: 6 x 6 inch cut size

~ Send a minimum of one set: 6 squares per set (of the same fabric)

** You may send in holiday prints BUT no more than 2 sets. EXAMPLE-if you want to send 6 sets 2 of those sets can be holiday but the other 4 must be regular novelty print fabrics.

*** You may send a maximum of 8 sets. Place each set in it's own sealed zip bag. Depending on how many quilters are swapping you may get some of your own fabrics back. Please put your names in the bags also so I can keep track of everyones fabric.

~ Put your zip bag with each set into an 8 1/2" x 11" or larger mailing envelope mailing envelope along with an 8 1/2" x 11" mailing envelope with your name and mailing address on the front and return postage IN STAMPS to cover the return of your fabrics. DO NOT USE METERED POSTAGE FROM THE POST OFFICE ON YOUR RETURN ENVELOPE! It wouldn't hurt to over-estimate the return postage!!

If you have any questions please contact me or post to this thread. EMAIL ME THRU "MY PAGE" FOR MY MAILING ADDRESS.

Please feel free to send in your packages any time between now and September 16th. That is perfectly fine with me. You may sign up anytime between now and September 16th as long as you post mark your package on or before September 16th I am fine.



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