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RE: Palm Tree Winter Protection (Follow-Up #18)

posted by: arctictropical on 01.25.2008 at 12:47 pm in Palms & Cycads Forum

I've never taken pictures of the light set up. I've just screwed the light fixtures equal distance apart at the top of each box after running wire between the fixtures. The lights are about one foot apart. I use the screw-in flourescent light bulbs that give off 100 watts worth of light. I think they are actually about 25-26 watts each, so my electric bill doesn't really go up much at all during the winter even though I have four palm boxes and two banana boxes (the smaller boxes by the 8' box). Years ago I used to used incadescent bulbs but they burn out too soon and you don't want that to happen in in the middle of winter when it's -40 F. or theres a blizzard howling. One year, I had an incadescent bulb burn out on one of the Mediterrean Fan Palms and so only had one light bulb lit. It got to -39 F. that winter, but was too cold to deal with it, so waited till Spring and found out the plam survived with only the newest one or two fronds that froze too hard to survive. The other fronds were fine. Here's a few more pictures of other tropicals in the yard.

Tropical Gardens, Zone 3-4

Banana, E.E. Caladium, Cannas

Cannas & Trellis Bench

Windmill Palm & Hibiscus, Zone 3-4

Red tinted Ensete

Banana & HIbiscus, Zone 304

Hardy Hibiscus, Zone 3-4

Moy Grande Hibiscus, Zone 3-4

6' Elephant Ear Caladiums, Zone 3-4


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There's an old woman living in my house....

posted by: frazoo on 12.06.2007 at 01:25 pm in Kitchen Table Forum

Once in a while, I'll catch a glimpse of her in a mirror. (At first, I thought it was my mother..LOL!) Otherwise, she remains discreet. How do I know she's here? Because she's leaving tell-tale signs around my house. Like....
my hairbrush... full of thin, grayish hairs
my closet...high heels are gone; replaced with tennies and comfortable flat shoes
my lingerie drawer...only white cotton briefs and sturdy bras in there
my medicine cabinet... no birth control pills, but full of vitamins and supplements, stool softeners and/or anti-diarrheal tabs and prescriptions
my snack cupboard... a variety of crunchy, fiber-filled snack bars

How about any of you? Is there an old woman leaving her stuff around in your house?



Ha, I just spewed coffee all over when I read this. way too funny.
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my idea of a plant stand

posted by: sweetwm007 on 09.17.2008 at 09:32 pm in Ozarks Region Forum

something new.


plant stand and wheelbarrow 002


my Dracaena deremensis 'warneckei' would look great on this. Well I would need two of them.
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