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Dog Hot Spot Recipe

posted by: axelsrose on 06.26.2010 at 11:34 pm in Pets Forum

I have 11 dogs and used to work for my Vet. This is a home-made hot spot spray that really works. Make in what ever quantity you need, it keeps for months.

1 part water
1 part baby oil (unscented if possible)
1 part plain old Listerine

Mix and put in spray bottle. Spray affected area 2-4 times a day. Use until hot spot is healed. This can be used on fresh or old hot spots, as long as they are not infected or have not become maggot infested. If your dog is outside and has hot spots, please check them every day. Maggots can quickly infest these wounds and become a real problem. When I was at the clinic we would see several dogs each summer with maggots in their hot spots. One Newfoundland was bad enough that it was euthanized. The Listerine works to prevent infection and the flies don't like the smell of it. The baby oil holds the mix to the skin and prevents the skin from drying out and pulling ( think road rash or carpet burn- how they pull and hurt when they dry out) and the water mellows the Listerine so it doesn't burn so bad. I have never found anything that works as well as this mix. There should be marked improvement within a day or two, but continue to apply until scab is loose, so no flies get to the wound. Hope this helps!


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Coastal Master Bath Reveal

posted by: jrueter on 08.15.2014 at 06:23 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Thank you to all the great GW'ers who have given me ideas, support, opinions and incredibly useful information as we planned and completed our new master bath. We did use a GC, because this was far beyond our skill and patience to DIY - they were amazing!

Before: in all its '80s glory!
 photo oldvanity.jpg
 photo oldshower-tub.jpg

The idea board:
 photo moodboard.jpg

The result:
shower before glass install
 photo shower2.jpg
with bubble glass enclosure
 photo IMG_0733.jpg
 photo IMG_0735.jpg

 photo IMG_0738.jpg
 photo IMG_0731.jpg
 photo IMG_0732.jpg

The details:

Vanity: Omega Dynasty cabinets, Porch Swing on Cherry for the cabinets, Magnolia on Maple for the drawers. Woodville style for doors and drawers. Cabinets are 36" tall and 21" deep, drawers are 42" tall and 24" deep. Total length is 88"
Glass knobs from World Market, I forget where I got the ORB ones on the cabinets - just simple knobs
Sinks: Kohler Serif
Faucets: Kohler Pinstripe Pure in polished nickel
Counters: Calacatta Colorado remnant from Arizona Tile
Mirrors: HomeGoods
Lights: Murray Fleiss, purchased years ago
Towel bars and rings: Delta Cassidy in polished nickel
Houndstooth runner: Target! And DH LOVES it!
Walls: Frazzee, Clinical (not the greatest name...)
Wainscot: horizontally installed tongue and groove, painted pure white
Shower tile: Marmol Venatino 12x24 honed porcelain (marblelain) tile from Arizona tile. less than $5/sf
Shower floor: "White" pebble tile from Arizona Tile
Shower: all Kohler: 8" traditional rainhead, Bancroft handheld and fixed shower heads and Bancroft trims, all in polished nickel
Shower enclosure: Bubble glass from CWDoor
(I left out the picture of the toilet - standard white Toto Comfort Height in a small toilet room)
Floors: Savannah Coffee 6x24 wood look porcelain tile from Arizona Tile ~$5/sf. Tip: use dark grout to look more like wood, less like tile
Pictures: framed nautical charts of Chesapeake Bay (where DH and I grew up) and San Diego Bay (where we live now)
Also replaced the windows and the fans and changed the ceiling lights to LED (shower area)


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Please help with faucets/ shower trims selections

posted by: Donchik on 02.04.2014 at 05:22 pm in Bathrooms Forum


Could you help me with an overall understanding of the quality of the available brands for the faucets/shower trim selections?

(I am in the middle of new construction. I would like to avoid products made in China. I don't want anything extravagant. Faucets under $ 200-400 would be perfect). I understand that Moen is at the bottom of food chain. Right? What about Kohler, Kraus, Grohe, Delta (any others?). Where do they fall?

Thank you in advance for your help.


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Large Shower:How to turn on water without getting wet?

posted by: BelfastBound on 01.18.2014 at 09:14 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Our new construction shower is about 5x7. At the tile store demo showers today, we wondered how to turn the water on without getting wet. Salesperson said he did not know. Other than the i-digital GW has just brought to my attention, are there other less costly ways folks have solved this problem? Thanks in advance for your time.


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FAQ/Answers Bathroom Plumbing for dummies

posted by: sheilaaus122 on 06.23.2008 at 11:06 am in Bathrooms Forum

I hope this is not hijacking the previous thread of Showers- FAQ but I thought since Bill V had offered to answer a bunch, those were more likely to be tiling related. I thought maybe we should start a new one of plumbing related FAQ's and if we get lucky- answers will be posted here too.
I will start-
for a shower/tub configuration, what is needed besides the tub spout, the shower head, and the on/off thingy?
For a shower configuration(like the master bathroom with a separate tub) what is needed beside the shower head and on /off thingy?
And for both of the above, what optional fixtures do you like? (handheld, stuff like that).


so much info on plumbing basics!!
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Finished bathroom!

posted by: stephanie_and_tim on 12.15.2011 at 01:01 pm in Bathrooms Forum

I posted a while back looking for layout suggestions, see here.

Now the bathroom is done! We went with that layout basically.



I didn't post that much during the renovations, but I certainly read LOTS and LOTS of posts, so thank you all very much!


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Sharing my Bathtub Research

posted by: belasea on 12.03.2012 at 01:10 am in Bathrooms Forum

Everyone has been so helpful, so I thought I would share our bathtub search experience. The bathroom we are doing will have a shower over a tub and I like taking baths as well.

I was dead set on a cast iron tub until I realized that all of the cast iron tubs manufactured now have a non-slip bottom. I found out that this non-slip bottom is challenging to clean. I even went and looked in the showrooms, and sure enough they were all gray. My research on gardenweb and talking to contractors/plumbing stores also confirmed that they were difficult to clean. Not impossible, just difficult and I just wasn't up for the challenge.

I was very reluctant to go with fiberglass since our current fiberglass tub looks yellowed and horrible. However, I've been told they are built much better now, and we went with a thicker model. I also wanted one with a built in flange.

Next, came the height. I wanted one deep enough to take a nice bath, but not 20 inches high because it is higher than I want to step over as we age. Why don't more manufacturers make tubs 18 inches deep? Why are most 14 or 20?

We considered:
Kohler Bellwether - did not like the nonslip surface, but like the shape
Mirabelle Edenton - saw some complaints about chipping and not draining properly. I visited Fergusons, and the salesman did not deny it and said it was up to my contractor to test the tub. My contractor said he has installed these tubs without a problem, but it was higher than I wanted and decided it wasn't worth the risk.
Hydrosystems Lacey and the Sydney - both 20 inches high or higher
Americh Turo - after much research, went with this tub. Our contractor said these are good tubs, and the Plumbing store said another contractor installed it in his own house. It's only 18 inches high, 32 inches wide (also comes 30 wide), but has a deep bath. We purchased the non-airbath model. It has arrived and we're very happy with how it looks. Here is a picture of it. I'll post better pictures after its installed, but thought this may help someone else out who may be looking for 18" height tub.

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What Kind of Shower Doors?

posted by: enduring on 02.26.2013 at 08:16 pm in Bathrooms Forum

What kind of shower doors are best with the Kohler 3x4 cast iron shower pan? I would like to have something that is durable, not necessarily the most beautiful.

I plan to begin working on my second bath in the next 6 months and I need to start somewhere so thought the shower door would be a good place to start. I will be posting other questions over the next few weeks, trying to narrow down my ideas and product types/names.

In a shower door I need ease of use, stability, longevity, and if available beauty. I am thinking a framed door would be more stable but I could be wrong. Any and all ideas are welcome. As with my nearly finished bathroom, I am remodeling for the next generation as well as for DH and me, as we age in place. This is a family farm house, and we are the 3rd generation to inhabit it. We hope our son will live here in the future. I always consult him on my ideas too ;)


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Pics of my new bathrooms

posted by: nycbluedevil on 06.23.2011 at 10:10 pm in Bathrooms Forum

These pictures are admittedly not very good and considering that the bathrooms are only 5 feet wide, it is really hard to get good pix but I did my best. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and the advice you gave me without even knowing it, since I just lurked here for such a long time.

I hope the posting works. I tried to follow the directions!


Kohler Greek tub in hall bath, walk in shower in master
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I'm in love .. with my granite :-)

posted by: crozzroad on 03.17.2010 at 12:11 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hello guys !
After eating all your brain on the granite color for months, wanted to give you a quick update .. finally my granite countertops are in .. it was installed yesterday ... Antique Brown .. goes so well with the cabinets (Antique white perimeter cabinets & Espresso Island) But I need to say that it has darkened the room a little bit .. i guess with the amount of countertops .. STILL LOVE IT !!! All of a sudden I'm like a love struck teenager who got her first kiss .. since yesterday I'm having this silly grin all over my face :-)

Okay jokes apart .. I think I got a good deal on the granite . 100 sq feet with Ogee end all over for $4500. So in case anyone is in lookout for a good fabricator, let me know .. I can give you the contact details of my fabricator. They were really good, stuck to the timeline all the time , gave the cheapest quote & did a great job .. wheras the other guys with fancy stores and all were giving us an estimate of 6000 +. One guy even had the nerve to tell me that dont even consider this stone as it is very hi-end and we will not be able to afford it !!!

Actually we took a risk by going with our fabricator. His workshop is nothing fancy, infact he dint even have a proper office. But the Warehouse guys gave good reference .. so yesterday it was a bit nerve wracking .. wondering if this guy really knows his job or not .. anyways it all turned out well .. and I'm so happy .. thanks much GWers !!! you are the best ..

No pictures for the time being .. will definitely post one soon .. Once again thankyou !!!



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Kitchen is finally finished! YEA!

posted by: socalthreems on 02.04.2008 at 02:49 pm in Kitchens Forum

Hi all. I already posted on the message boards, but was told to post here as well. ???

In any event, I have:
Hertco cabs - clear alder, flopan door style with 3" stiles and beveled inside edge; color: wheat sheaf with heirloom finish on the perimeter and brandy with black accent on the island
Verde butterfly granite with ogee edge
KitchenAid Architect Series 48" SS fridge, double ovens, dishwasher and warming drawer
Dacor builtin microwave and cooktop
Top Knobs bin pulls and 1 1/4" round knobs in oil rubbed bronze
Kohler Vinnata faucet in brushed satin nickel
Rohl Shaw 3618 fireclay sink in white
Benjamin Moore Van Courtland Blue paint
LBL flute pendants
Studio Q backsplash subway tiles, basketweave tiles (handpainted), beadliner and chair rail
from &quot;family room&quot; area
cooking aisle
Shaw 3618 fireclay sink


by cornerstone
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Finito! one more white/marble/soapstone kitchen

posted by: segbrown on 12.06.2009 at 01:55 pm in Kitchens Forum

I've posted in dribs and drabs, so this isn't exactly an unveiling, but we are 99% done. Thanks to everyone; I've been reading this forum for years, even in the "pre-model" we did a few years back (minor update). I am also greatly indebted to my wonderful designer and contractor; I lucked out there.

Before pics: we moved the kitchen into the family room, the dining room into the kitchen, and the breakfast area into the dining room. (The living room turned into the family room, and the office will soon turn into the living room ... more to do around here.)So these photos are not exactly classic before/afters. (And it's a snowy day, so bright outside, not the best for pics. Oh well.)

Old kitchen

Corresponding view

Old family room:

Corresponding view

Old dining room (both visible walls are now gone)

Corresponding view

I was previously opposed to knocking out both walls, but I am glad we did. For the way we live, it works much better. Entertaining is a cinch now. Because the kitchen is vaulted but the other ceilings are low, it doesn't feel like a huge empty space (that's what I was worried about). And I liked my "other" house, just not the kitchen. It was awful.

I'll post details here, and more specific photos in a subsequent post.

Aspen Leaf Kitchens in Denver/Berthoud, CO; proprietary Primer White, BM Taos Taupe on island and butler's pantry, and custom-stained antique pine on breakfast hutch

SubZero BI-36U fridge, pro handle
Wolf 48 DF range with 4 burners and double griddle
Viking 54 in. hood liner with heat lamps
Thermador DWHD64EP dishwashers
KitchenAid KBCO24RSBX three-zone beverage center
SubZero 700BCI refrigerator/freezer drawers
Sharp 0.8 cu ft microwave

Minas soapstone on perimeter cabinets and hutch
Calacatta gold marble on island and butler's pantry

Restoration Hardware Gilmore cup pulls, Aubrey knobs and handle pulls, Clear Glass knobs in antique brass, and Season knobs and Hanson pulls in ORB

Main: soapstone farm sink crafted by Terra Bella/Denver CO
Prep: Ticor S3650

Main sink: Kohler HiRise bridge with sidespray
Prep sink: Kohler HiRise bar faucet

Wilmette Clark pendants in ORB (breakfast nook)
Wilmette LaSalle wall sconces in antique brass (later photos)
Visual Comfort Classic Ring chandelier in AB (dining room)
Visual Comfort Four-Light Siena pendant in AB (butler's)

-Island stools-
Ballard Designs Dorchester counter stools in rubbed black (all other furniture and rugs previously owned)


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Read Me If You're New To GW Kitchens! [Help keep on Page 1]

posted by: buehl on 02.08.2009 at 03:53 pm in Kitchens Forum

Welcome - If you are new here - you may find the following information and links helpful.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages contain helpful information about how to navigate this site as well as the world of kitchen renovations.

The Kitchen Forum Acronyms will help you understand some of the acronyms used frequently in posts.

The Finished Kitchens Blog has pictures and information about many GW members' finished kitchens. Not only can you see them alphabetically, but there is also a category list if you're looking for specific things like a kitchen w/a Beverage Center or a kitchen w/a mix of dark and light cabinets.

The Appliances Forum is very useful when you have questions specific to appliances.

To start off the process...take the Sweeby Test. Then, move on to Beginning a Kitchen Plan.

Other topics such as planning for storage can be found by doing a search on the forum.


  • Before posting a question, search the forum. There's a very good chance someone has already asked the question.

  • When using the "search" function, be sure to use the search box on the bottom of the page, not the top!

  • In the Subject, the site changes the inches indicator (") to a foot indicator ('). We don't know why. To compensate, use two single qoutes and it will appear as a double quote in the Subject. Luckily, the double quote works in the message box.

  • When composing a new thread, you have a couple of options:

    • Have replies emailed to you: check the box offerring this option. However, you must have "Allow other users to send you email via forms at our site." box checked in your profile for this to work (see the "Your Profile" link at the very top of the page)

    • Insert a link: When you "preview" your message, you will be provided with two boxes for a is for the link itself and the second is for the name or description of the link.

  • When using the "Clip this post" option (far upper right corner of each post, small print), remember that only the current post is clipped, not the entire thread. Also, you are allowed a maximum of 50 clippings. Once you reach this max, you will no longer be able to clip or email posts.

How are the home page and the Forum organized? (from the FAQs)

The Kitchens Forum home page lists 30 thread titles, starting with those that don't yet have a response. Then threads are listed in order of most recent response. That first page displays the last 2 hours or so of activity. (If there is no response to a thread in an hour or two, an unanswered thread starts to drop down.)

Below that are page numbers 1-67 for the total 67 pages of threads available -- capturing maybe 2 months or so of threads, less when the Forum is busy.

Below that (and at the top of the thread list) is a space for you to switch to the Conversations or Gallery "sides" - these are set up similarly but not nearly as active. Conversations and Gallery.

Next down is a Search button -- very important!

Next is a place for you to start a new thread. And finally are some instructions and links at the bottom.

Kitchen Forum "Sides"

Discussions: This is the "side" you are on. It's for on-topic discussions concerning kitchens...renovations, use of, etc.
Conversations: This is the "side" where you can post off topic threads such as regional get-togthers and non-kitchen subjects.
Gallery: This is the "side" where members often post pictures...especially if you're posting a lot or a finished kitchen.

Posting a link

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    &lt;a href= http://www.XXX/&gt;Description&lt;/a&gt;
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  3. Now, replace the Description with the description (words) you want displayed with your link.

With either method, you will see your link when you "preview" your message

Posting a picture from your photo hosting account (e.g., PhotoBucket)

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Posting a picture from somewhere other than your Photo hosting account

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    &lt;img src="http://www.XXX/image.jpg"&gt;
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  3. When you "preview" the message, you should see the picture


Layout Help

We often get requests to help with layouts. Many of us enjoy doing this but it would help if you can post a copy of your layout, preferably to-scale.

  • The best place to start is to draw up your kitchen (to scale, if possible) either without cabinets & appliances if you don't know where to start or w/your proposed new layout if you have something to start with. Regardless, measure and label everything...walls, ceiling height, widths of doors & windows, distances between windows, walls, doorways, etc.
  • If you cannot move plumbing or gas, mark them on your drawing as well.
  • Mark all doorways & windows (w/dimensions) and label them as to where they lead. If they're actual doors, mark how they swing.
  • It also would be helpful to see the connecting rooms, even layouts so you see how they interact with the kitchen and/or extend the kitchen feel and flow.
  • Make note of traffic flows in and out of the kitchen

Make a list of things like:

  • What are your goals? E.g., more counter space, more storage, seating in the kitchen (island? peninsula? table?), etc.
  • Do you plan to merge two rooms/areas (e.g., Nook and Kitchen into a Kitchen only)
  • Where are you flexible?
    • Can windows or doorways change size?
    • Can they be moved?
    • Can windows be raised/lowered?
    • Can any walls come down?
    • Does the sink have to be centered under a window?
    • Does it have to be under a window at all?

  • Do you bake? Do you want a coffee/tea/beverage center?
  • What appliances do you plan on having (helps to figure out work flow, work zones, and types of cabinets...upper/lower vs full height, etc.)
    • Range or Cooktop?
    • Single or Double or no Wall Oven?
    • Warming Drawer?
    • MW? (Advantium, drawer, OTR, countertop, built-in, shelf?)
    • DW? Standard or drawers? If drawers, 1 or 2?
    • Refrigerator CD or standard depth?
    • Vent Hood?
    • Other?
    Sizes of desired appliances (e.g., 30" or 36" or 48" cooktop; 36" or 42" or 48" wide or other Refrigerator? Counter depth or standard depth refrigerator, etc.)

  • Pantry: Walk-in or cabinets?

***** Very Important *****

Is there anything you:

  • Can't live without?
  • Definitely don't want?
  • Would like if you can find a way?

This information will be valuable to not only you, but also any Kitchen Designers you may hire or talk to. Additionally, if you've been haunting the site, you'll notice that we also help with almost all aspects of the remodel, including layout help.

If you do ask for help, then all of the above information will help us help you. Sometimes we stray from what you think you want to give you some ideas that you might not have thought of, but it's your kitchen and you can veto anything...we may argue for something (we're good at that!), but in the end it's what you want. And remember, we are just giving you ideas and possible layouts, in the end when you finalize your design it's whatever you want and decide on! After all, this is your kitchen! [Keep this in mind if/when you use a Kitchen Designer--it's your kitchen, not his or hers...don't let them talk you into anything unless you're sure it's what you want!]


When your kitchen is complete, please submit it to the Finished Kitchens Blog! This way your kitchen will join others in inspiring and helping newcomers!

Add your kitchen to the FKB!

Again, welcome and good luck! The journey is wild, sometimes bumpy, but fun!


Links from above:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Kitchen Forum Acronyms:
Finished Kitchens Blog:

Sweeby Test:
Beginning a Kitchen Plan:

Appliances Forum:

FAQ: Adding Pictures and Links:

Add your kitchen to the FKB!:


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RE: New granite countertops...supposed to have an apron seam? (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: boxerpups on 02.10.2010 at 06:28 pm in Kitchens Forum

You are right it looks much thicker than my granite.
Here is an image of mine counter. Maybe this can help
ease your mind. I am on the east coast.

I chose a boring 1/2 bullnose


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New granite countertops...supposed to have an apron seam?

posted by: christy2828 on 02.10.2010 at 02:19 pm in Kitchens Forum

Yesterday I had granite countertops installed in Baltic Brown. There is a visible seam all around the apron that I did not expect to see. I cannot feel it with my finger, but I can definitely see it - even from a distance. Is it supposed to look like this?? Thanks, Christy

Here is a portion of the contract - I changed the beveled edge to eased:

The company will specifically supply and install the following custom ordered items.
Remove existing mica tops.
Baltic Brown Granite tops with 1.5" thick beveled edge and undermount sink cutout $3093.00
a.C-Tech single bowl stainless sink $179.14



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leather finished granite edge advice, please!

posted by: jrueter on 03.08.2010 at 07:08 pm in Kitchens Forum

I just met with the fabricators to template the counters for my new kitchen. Although I have an estimate for the fabrication with a bullnosed edge, he told me I shouldn't do a bullnose with the leather finished granite because the finishes won't match. My only option is to miter the edges (more $$ - still waiting for the final number).

Has anyone installed leather or antique finished granite - how did you do your edges? Are there other options?

Does anyone have a ballpark idea how much more the mitered edges will cost?

Thanks for any advice you have,


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