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RE: Removing siding want to Insulate (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: daveh644 on 03.24.2007 at 03:44 am in Remodeling Forum

I'd do as Ron suggested. while you have the siding off, blow insulation into your outside walls. You can rent the equipment and do this yourself. Then apply house rap, I perfer Tyvek, Tape it with Tyvek tape at all it's seams and around each opening so that it's totally sealed. Then add your insulation board on top of that before you side. I tape it too, The Dow board or Amrafoam are great insulation boards to use. They breath as the tyvek does so all your air outside can't get in, but trapped air on the inside can escape. Great product IMHO. If you use foam you may have to build out your window and door facings because you want them to be thicker than your finished wall.


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