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habanero gold and other pepper questions

posted by: prairie_love on 09.24.2007 at 05:45 pm in Harvest Forum

I have several pepper-related questions, hopefully you all can help me out (I'm sure you can, you always do).

In the Habanero Gold recipe, it says to soak the dried apricots in vinegar for four hours. That is a very awkward time for me as I usually don't get started till at least 6 pm - I hate getting going on things at 10 or later. So, is there any reason they can't soak for more like 10 hours? Alternately, what do you think is the shortest period of time they can soak?

I hope I can find enough habs for this. Most of mine have turned red and experience has shown me that the red ones are usually moldy in the middle. I'll go pick what I have tonight and hope I have enough good ones. I'll be really bummed if an entire crop of habs has gone bad. Does anyone know why pepper mold on the inside? I've had quite a few bells moldy this year too.

Along the same lines, I made salsa last night and, based on what I"ve read here, I decided to use all red (corked) jalapenos. Previously I would have thought they were bad, but you all seem to think they are better. Good, because I have a LOT of red ones. The salsa is very good. A bit hot, but very good, a little bit different taste. I did not roast and peel the jalapenos - would you have?

Finally, speaking of roasting and peeling peppers - what is everyone's favorite method? When I am only doing a few I will do whatever happens to be most convenient at the time - 400 oven, broiler, open flame. But last night I was doing a lot of bell peppers, so I put them in a 400 oven, turned once or twice, and called it good. The problem is that some spots will be blackened, while others the skin won't even be loosened. So, how do you get good overall loosening of the skin when you are doing a lot of peppers?

Thanks for the help!
Ann (who has moved on from peaches to peppers, can you tell?)


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