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How to pick colors for your house

posted by: msjay2u on 04.13.2013 at 12:53 am in Home Decorating & Design Forum

I wrote a post on my blog about picking door colors, trim colors and other colors on your house. Some photos came from here, some from Pinterest and some from me using Valspars paint visualizer.:

So here are my color thoughts I want to twist your arm into using share with you:

  • Green house: Purple door, red door, or try turquoise if you're really edgy!

 photo greenhouses_zps0a92f16e.jpg

  • Blue house. Red door, dark blue or Lime green if you're artsy!

 photo bluehouses_zpsb2d1e4ed.jpg

  • Brick houses: I will get to them later

  • Pink color houses . Black door or a punchy color if you dare!

 photo pinkhouses_zpsffa0e22c.jpg

  • Gray house. Red door or you can try the newest trend with yellow or orange.

 photo grayhouses_zpsbfd7fa7c.jpg

  • Brown or tan house. Green or yellow door or Blue for a little excitement.

 photo brownhouses_zps1e1933a6.jpg

  • Yellow house. In my opinion any color door matches AND looks good on a yellow house. I love yellow houses but a real estate agent told me that yellow houses are the HARDEST houses to sell. One other agent verified that after they thought about it.

 photo yellowhouses_zps53a0ffd8.jpg

  • White house. I am not going to add any photos of white houses cause we all see them, we know what they look like and basically any color will work on it..**yawn**

House and Window trim color: Okay this is an area I am not the best at... I have heard that if you have a small house paint the trim the same color as the house but who wants that? Alternatively you can paint it a shade lighter but if you want it to look more contemporary paint it two shades darker than the house color. The old rules were that you trim the house in white or beige but these days people are getting away from tradition. We all know that color brightens up our lives and we all crave for some free excitement (don't we?).

To keep the windows looking as large as possible, paint the trim around the windows the same as the window frames, either white or cream or black. Matching the trim to the actual windows will make them look bigger than if you break up the color by painting a dark trim around a white window or a white trim around a dark window.

Don't be scared!!!

 photo trims_zps4640f8c6.jpg

Garage door color: Traditionally people paint their garage doors the same color as their house. **Yawn**. I think a wood garage door looks nice, or one that matches the trim or your front door.
 photo garages_zps60c6e863.jpg

Shutter color: The old way was to match your shutters to the roof color because it makes it look like you planned your roof color as part of the overall house palette. The new way is to not even use shutters. In fact a lot of people are using them INSIDE the house rather than outside...

 photo shutters_zps213423f2.jpg

What about brick? I love love love painted brick!!

 photo paintedbrick2_zpsc18c6a56.jpg

 photo paintedbrick1_zps053ed13b.jpg

 photo paintedbrick4_zpsd079685f.jpg

 photo paintedbrick3_zps41140f03.jpg

So where do you start? I think you can look around you for a color palette especially your garden

 photo insp1_zpsbe5d289c.jpg

or in a piece of your favorite fabric (I made the following palettes using the free Behr Chipit tool)

 photo fabric_zps9065e293.jpg

Or in your favorite piece of jewelry
 photo jewelry_zps62eae7fe.jpg
The sky is the limit!!

So tell me: have I changed your mind about color or inspired you in any way? Leave a comment if I did!! I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

Here is a link that might be useful: My Blog: A City Girls Country Dream


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Help with doorknobs and hinges...and front door color!

posted by: jojo123456789 on 04.11.2013 at 11:32 pm in Home Decorating & Design Forum

Hi all.. We are finishing up a remodel of our second floor only. Not our choice..hurricane sandy downed a tree which crushed our second floor. Anyway, were in the final stages of our renovation. We have a side hall colonial house which we re-sided with grey cedar shake (vinyl siding) with white trim and black shutters. I have always dreamed of a red front door. I do not like orangey reds though. Either a nice true red like bm heritage red or more of a cranberry color. Will those look good? Should I keep the door white instead? My front door hardware is polished brass.

Also inside of the house, I wanted to put in glass knobs. I just love the look of glass knobs and was looking to use the emtek old town clear knob on an ORB regular rosette on all interior doors. The doors are six panel white. . My questions...are glass knobs totally the wrong choice for a colonial style house? What about ORB? I tend to lean towards a more traditional style. I'm not a fan of modern really.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


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Need help with very small master bath...pix

posted by: jojo123456789 on 04.12.2013 at 11:38 pm in Bathrooms Forum

We are renovating our master bath. It is small. 6x6. We are doing it in a black and white theme. Not modern black and white but more traditional or
vintage-y. We have white subway tile all the way up to ceiling in small neo angle shower. The floor is porcelain basketweave black and white. The floor is also Basketweave in the shower bed floor. The walls will be white beadboard wainscoting halfway up wall. Below is a picture of the black framed medicine cabinet (recessed). I also have a picture of our victorian- like chrome. The furniture style vanity is pictured It will be 30" wide, White with a black granite top. What kind of wall treatment above wainscoting should we do? We are looking to do a toile wallpaper on top half of walls (floral type I think..see inspiration). I was considering a toile wallpaper. Does anyone know what brand this paper is? Or does anyone know of any very similar papers or have other wallpaper ideas? Or should I just paint a very light grey or other color ideas?
Also ideas for the light fixture? We don't have room on the sides for two sconces so has to be overhead fixture. We do have two high in shower and one overhead. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Front door color? Please help

posted by: jojo123456789 on 04.12.2013 at 06:28 pm in Home Decorating & Design Forum

Hi all...we just recently re-sided out house and renovated the second floor (due to hurricane sandy). the color is certainteeds cedar shake granite gray. We haven't yet painted the front portico as you can see but it will be white. What color should we paint our front door? I have always wanted a red front door but how will that look with this house? I really don't like orangey reds at all..more true or blue reds. Maybe even cranberry color? Thoughts?


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Thoughts on oil rubbed bronze and glass knobs

posted by: jojo123456789 on 04.12.2013 at 06:59 pm in Home Decorating & Design Forum

Ok we are in the middle of a second floor renovation ( due to a huge tree crushing our top half). We have a side hall colonial recently re-sided with gray cedar shake vinyl siding. We have polished brass on our entry handles. For our interior doors, we would really like to use glass knobs..have always loved glass knobs. I was leaning towards oil rubbed bronze for the rosette behind the glass. Are glass knobs appropriate for my type of house? what about oil rubbed bronze? while i like polished brass for entry door, not a fan on the interior knobs.
Changing hinges too. Contractor says have to get ones from door company and they don't you think it's a big issue. The oil rubbed bronze of hinge and rosette are different.

Any and all help appreciated. Thanks!


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