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RE: Gave up and gave in... (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: molineux on 07.30.2009 at 03:55 pm in Roses Forum

Mancozeb is a life saver in 6b. Our climate is humid with the perfect temperature range for the black spot. I've tried a lot of fungicides and for controlling the disease Mancozeb works the best. Unlike other fungicides it directly kills the black spot.

To get the black spot under control do the following:

1. Remove all dropped leaves from the base of the plant.
2. Strip the plants of diseased leaves.
3. Water each of the roses thoroughly.
4. Spray a fine mist of Mancozeb (as per directed on the bottle) coating every part of the canes and foliage.
5. Wait a day.
6. Spray again.
7. Wait a day.
8. Spray a third time.
9. Spray once per week afterward until cool Autumn weather arrives, then you can back off - depending on cultivar - to once every two weeks in September, October and November.

BTW, Mancozeb doesn't harm insects. It is a fungicide, not an insecticide. Your bees and butterflies will get by just fine.

Best wishes,



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RE: How to protect seedlings at base of arbor from weed eater? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: Kathy547 on 03.21.2005 at 07:08 pm in Tips & Techniques Forum

My husband & teenage son usually mow & occasionally do the weedeating, & neither are too careful around my plants. Here's what I do: take a milk jug & cut the top out. Put it upside down on the plant so that the weedwacker or mower hits the plastic & not the plant. You can also take the milk jug & cut the ends off & then cut once from end to end, making a collar that you can fit around the plant. When yard cleanup is done, remove the jugs.


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