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ideas for creating a MB using a black wood 4 poster bed

posted by: rboyz2 on 04.21.2010 at 03:17 pm in Home Decorating Forum

I have been wondering what is the best way to create a master bedroom using a wood black 4 poster bed. I don't want that matching furniture showroom look, but I also want something that looks like it all belongs together. Any ideas would be appreciated.



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RE: Dilemma with new Sofa! HELP! (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: jimoba on 04.07.2010 at 10:26 am in Home Decorating Forum

Newhomebuilder is right; velvet does look different depending on the direction of the nap (pile). If the pattern for the cushions was positioned in the opposite direction and cut, then the cushions will look different, even if they are cut from the same fabric. Or, the wrong cushions could have been packed with the frame. In any event, it is a production error, and the furniture store should get replacement cushions from the manufacturer for you. Good luck!


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RE: White trim faux pas? (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: jimoba on 04.06.2010 at 10:15 am in Home Decorating Forum

I think it's more of a faux pas not to use the same white for all the trim in a room, if you're painting all of the trim white. If a room is small or has several doors and windows, consider painting the trim (and doors, if desired) the same as the wall color so the walls aren't as "interrupted" by the trim.

As for the paint finish, I typically use semi-gloss for trim since it's more durable (moisture resistant and scrubbable), and trim tends to take more of a beating than walls do. If semi-gloss is too shiny for your taste, you can do a 50-50 mix with eggshell or satin finish paint in the same color to cut down the sheen.


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Sold Comps

posted by: raya7694 on 03.31.2010 at 06:14 pm in Buying and Selling Homes Forum

Been on market 1 month with 2 showings. Do I need to drop price?
Sold Homes

On the market homes

Mine is 2100716


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Paint colour help for new small apartment, part 2

posted by: calabash on 02.25.2010 at 10:19 am in Home Decorating Forum

Same retirement apartment as above. Bedroom is 14 X 10, with large north-facing window, parquet floor and low ceiling (8 feet). Bed, pretty heirloom bedside pale marble-top table (birch), medium brown armoire and dresser (nice armoire, cheap dresser which I might paint later). Blue accents (wall scone, reading lamp, small area rug with blue stars and moon on very pale yellow background). Wall facing the bed will have to hold a great many books -- either wall shelves in pale wood or more IKEA Billy bookcases (white, blue, beech ?) Top shelf will hold an antique Paddington Bear collection.
Bedding can vary, as I use duvet covers.
The books will be in plain view and will be distracting, but that can't be helped as they've nowhere else to go.

I'm looking for a light, cheerful colour -- but which? I'll need curtains on the large window -- what colour?
Again, any ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated. Ideally I would need paint brand and names. Pale blue, for example, might sound nice, but there are millions of them ...
Thanks, everyone.


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Suggestions for freshening up my brown family room!

posted by: diginthedirt17 on 03.09.2010 at 10:55 am in Home Decorating Forum

So, here is my brown family room. I was accenting in red over the winter but I'd like to lighten it up for spring a bit. I was thinking of adding a grayish-blue to the mix. We painted the trim white and added more substantial baseboard, but it still needs help!

The roman blinds are red, tan and white stripe, they will most likeley stay. I added the blue floral pillows yesterday, and bought the crackled glass lamp from Target but not sure.

What I'd really like is for the wall with the photos on it to be symmetrical, so I either need another end table and put lamps on both tables, or maybe wall sconces next to the ledges? And lose the fake tree? More art on the walls?

I'd love any suggestions to freshen it up a bit. We don't have a coffee table b/c it's such a small room and the kids are always rolling around on the floor, so we just use side tables. Oh, and I know the lazy boy chair is hideous! I'm hoping to replace that this spring with something similar but cuter!

thank you! :)





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How to paint?

posted by: awaters7832 on 03.09.2010 at 03:55 pm in Home Decorating Forum

The owners before us had my daughter's room in white with a thick dark blue border painted at the top of the wall. I want to paint her room pink, but i'm afraid the dark blue wont be covered by the paint or that it will be a little discolored at the top of her walls. I've heard you can paint Grey Primer over it and then paint pink, but would I have to paint the whole wall grey in order to not make the walls discolored or can i paint the border grey to dull it a little? I just don't want to have to paint the whole room grey and wait for it to dry before i paint again...checking to see if you guys had any other options. :) Would the blue bleed through white primer?


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