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Instant Hot/Cold location

posted by: tsdiver on 10.26.2006 at 01:32 pm in Kitchens Forum

If you have a prep sink, did you split up the instant hot and instant cold systems?

This is my thinking...I want the instant hot for all the benefits of the cooking (hot tea, oatmeal, start to boiling water etc) but also the benefits of using it for clean up. That would place the instant hot at the main sink.

Across the kitchen, opposite the main sink, is the refrigerator. Currently, we use a refrigerator dispenser as our filtered cold drinking water. After some brief research, we have decided a cold water system (no refrigerator dispenser) would be better for us. We came to this conclusion based on the fact that we plan to use cabinet front doors on the refrigerator (didn't want water dispenser spillage?) and cost (refrigerator costs approximately $500 more with the dispenser included, than without. The instant cold is still a bit more than that, but not significantly enough to sway the decision.)

So, my question is this: For those of you with both instant hot/cold systems, did you separate them... one at the prep sink the other at the main sink? If so... why?

With separate systems the additional costs appear to be two faucets, and two separate water filters. Is there a big reason I am missing to justify the cost of separating them into to different locations?

Cold water at prep sink benefits:
- filtered water rinse of veggies (not sure about the importance here)
- closer to freezer for ice water (not that important for this household)
- ??? (What else am I missing?)

Here is our potential layout:

As always, thank your for any input you may have!


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