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Quartzite or soapstone....switching gears completely

posted by: jett254 on 03.31.2014 at 06:54 am in Kitchens Forum

I went on a long 5 day hunt across multiple states for the perfect quartzite that would give me the carerra marble look (specifically wanted a white and gray quartzite) without the marble durability. I feel in love with 2 different slabs that I brought home and tested, only to find they were not quartzite as advertised.

I was able to "settle" for a beautiful lot of Taj Mahal quartzite that passed my testing with flying colors. It does have some gray and white in it, but also a lot of warm colors - browns, creams, golds. My concern and hesitation was that it was going to change my whole vision of the kitchen - my floors are a warm wood to match the rest of the house, and we have white inset cabinets and white subway tile planned for the backsplash. The house we are moving into is a 1927 stone colonial and I'm trying to find something that fits with the house - the house just doesn't look like a granite house to me.

And then I came across soapstone. Now I'm thinking about switching gears completely. Obviously it is a different look but I feel like it fits with the style of the house. I've testing it and looked at a friend's kitchen with soapstone so I feel like I understand about the softness, patina, etc...

But I'm kind of hesitant because it was so different from my original vision. Ugh, so indecisive and I need to decide by tomorrow! Would love any thoughts!


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