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Advice on Overseeding Existing Lawn and more - Long Post

posted by: melosgirl on 03.26.2008 at 08:56 am in New Jersey Gardening Forum

I am preparing to overseed my lawn. I have approx. 1/2 acre to prepare. We have an irrigation system with 12 zones. My lawn yellowed over this winter. I would like advice on what is the most cost-effective method to overseed and succeed in getting a dark green lawn. I would also appreciate advice on what type of seed would produce a dark green, thick carpet of lawn that is drought resistant and will withstand full sun for about 7 hours a day. Late last summer, I was up to watering some of our zones which are in full sun 20 minutes each, to prevent the grass from frying to a crisp. The water bill for that quarter was almost $750! Can I perform this overseeding without having to rent equipment? My preliminary plan was to cut the present lawn short (thus removing all the dead stuff) spreading seed with our spreader, and topping it off with starter fertilizer. I am skipping the the preemergent since I used it last year, as I got plenty of weeds nonetheless. I would be most appreciative of any advice you could offer.


soybean meal
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