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irregular PERIODS!!!!!!

posted by: jerseygal on 10.29.2007 at 12:48 am in Menopause Forum

Ok do really know where to go so here goes! Im 32 and i have had irregular periods all my life! but the last 2 yrs been more and more less and i have gone to my doctor and he says as long as i get one im fine! IT some time is like 6months b4 i get one.Now i haven got one since April2007 and i kinda started in june (LIKe brown) when i wiped 4 one day and thats it i still havent got one.He keeps reasuring that im fine.If i dont get one in a year he says let him know.Has this happen to anyone! Also i have 4 kids im not skinny but not fat. i know i weight more now than befor but,But when he put me on birth controll i would get it like clock work. But i cant be on that no more i have high blood what do u all think!


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