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'Linen' look tile - larger format

posted by: alicepalace on 07.02.2012 at 11:19 am in Kitchens Forum

Hi, all. Our kitchen reno is slated for August, and now that we're done choosing the cabinets (Ikea Adel, Medium Brown), we've moved on to other decisions. I trust this forum for EVERYTHING, so I figured I would come to you for some advice on tile.

I very much like the look of larger-format tiles for a backsplash (no small mosaics for me), but am having some trouble figuring out exactly what to look for. Should I try to find an 8x12 tile? Or find a 12x12 or 12x24 and cut it down? I found this one (Emser Strand), which I quite like (at least I like the picture). It's 12x24 and I could have it cut in thirds so it's 8x12. It's pretty inexpensive, so this would be great if it's possible. Although now that I think of it, this solution would make the "threads" run vertically instead of horizontally. Hmm. How would I know if cutting it in thirds would work? Would it need to be "through-body" porcelain or whatever that's called?

Do you have any leads on approx 8x12 (or 6x10 ... just bigger than 4x8 please) tile that's sort of linen-ish?

Many thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Emser tile


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RE: backsplash (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: Shareher on 06.08.2012 at 09:54 am in Kitchens Forum

Here is a shot of the backsplash.


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