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what finish have you chosen for door knobs

posted by: kateskouros on 02.24.2010 at 04:38 pm in Building a Home Forum

...door hinges, windows and other hardware? just thought it was time to obsess over this for now. as always, thank you!


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Front door color-- PINK??? Photo inc.!

posted by: anele on 04.23.2010 at 09:00 am in Home Decorating Forum

After 4 long years, we are FINALLY getting new front doors.

This is my simple house:

This is going to be the storm door, in white:

I was thinking of changing the shutters to gray. I'd like a slightly fun, cottage-y look. Nothing too formal since our house seems too small and plain for that!

What color should I paint the front door? (It will just be a plain ol' six panel.)


I'd love to add a little porch and replace the railing (and add another), but that will have to wait. I'm trying to get the landscaping improved this summer!

If anyone remembers my house before, I used to have wooden blinds . . .now at least I have some curtains to soften the look a little.

Thank you!


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Residing 1960 Cape- Color Help

posted by: jennik78 on 06.08.2010 at 11:10 am in Smaller Homes Forum

We are residing our 1960s Cape from cedar shakes to vinyl. I am having a difficult time selecting colors and whether I can do a little decorative trim to create some sort of appeal to this ugly house. I know I have major landscaping to fix and I do not have extra funds to build out a porch, although I would love to do so.

We live in a small city in Massachusetts. The neighborhood is all 1920+ homes, and our house was probably one of the newest built in 1960. Houses are crammed together and the colors are all pretty blah in the neighborhood in cool tones.

The contractor will be using Mastic CarvedWood siding. I am interested in either Classic Cream with White Trim and Black Raised Panel Shutters. Change out the front door to a Rich Brown Stained door and a full light screen door.
However, the roof probably does not match and our neighbors quite close next to us in a colonial have a yellow/red theme.

Alternatively, I am interested in Tuscan Olive with white trim, black shutters and as mentioned earlier for the door. Is that too- new subdivision colors?

Because the face is soooo plain, I would like to also:
decorative trim around the door w/ keystone
water table trim
add a second exterior light
Could I even squeeze in a dentil trim at the top?

It is difficult to find pictures of resided Capes that are as plain as ours, either online or in books. Help!


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