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Pictures anyone?

posted by: regine on 12.05.2008 at 05:18 pm in Florida Gardening Forum

I don't mean to whine, well yes I do, but why isn't anyone posting pictures of their gardens or flowers anymore? I enjoyed seeing them and always found some kind of plant to put on my wish list. I'll show you my bloomers if you show me yours!


Mexican Sunflower Tree


Blue Butterfly Bush


Bolivian Sunset


Plumeria Pudica


Snowflake Euphorbia


Variegated Salvia



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Easy Florida Food Garden Ideas

posted by: tclynx on 08.16.2008 at 02:28 pm in Florida Gardening Forum

Hi all,
I've been gardening here in Central Florida for only a couple years though I have had some great success with a few plants.
The current winner of the easy and useful plant award in my eyes so far is SWEET POTATO. It loves the hot and wet and we have gotten great harvest with little work. It is easy to propagate, stores ok, seems little bothered by pests, is not very demanding in the methods of gardening I have used. Oh, and it isn't just the tubers that are edible, the shoots and young leaves are also edible.

Please share other plants you have found to be easy and useful in our climate.


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cheap and easy gardening?

posted by: imagardener2 on 01.16.2009 at 08:45 am in Florida Gardening Forum

what was the best bang for your buck you ever did in your garden and how much did it cost? it can be flowers, plants, veggies,hardscaping... you name it.

Anyone who is loaded can spend money to get a WOW effect but tell about stuff that got that effect on the cheap.

Extra credit given for PHOTOS :-)

Looking for inspiration,

Julia Denise


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