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RE: Yorkies vs. Silkies and Breeders vs. Rescue (Follow-Up #37)

posted by: bug_girl on 11.06.2006 at 12:25 am in Pet Debates Forum

I do agree with you. My Dante, the biter, was a example, he had been abused early in life. We discovered he was afraid of brooms and canes. I tried to be the best mother in the world to him. I was with him constantly, and I didn't even work part time during most of his life, but not much could be done. Any type of correction would only make him more aggressive.


The trick is finding the right correction for a dog that sets off easily. You need to stay calm assertive so your dog can pick up that energy. I have even had cleints keep a dog that was difficult on lead in the house at all times for one week periods, repeating as needed. This increases the bonding and the inforces who is alpha. It also makes silent corrections much easier. There area body language moves you can use that tell a dog they better knock it off but it's hard to explain on the net. My dog starts barking too much I tell her kennel in a quite calm voice and she is not allowed to come out until she is calm. My huband used to mess up the training by going over and opening the kennels and telling them "okay come on out" That would set them off again, because saying okay means that it's alright to continue what you were doing before. The best thing is silince, do not talk to or look at a dog when letting it out of a kennel "time out". Once they are calm take them for a good long walk. Dogs need to migrat, it's in their nature and walking mimics this need and helps with the emotional issues. Also a tired dog is a good dog, is a saying that pretty much is always true. The yard does not count even if you own two acres or more, the walk on the lead with the dog at heal and calm is the best foundation for a happy healthy dog.
One other thing everyone can do to make dog ownership better, burn all of the halters and extendable leads. You are not in control when you walk a dog this way therefore you are not the alpha. Sorry this got long, get me started about dog traing, one thing I do know a bit about and off I go on my soap box.
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