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Pond and garden Tour 2010

posted by: goldenpond on 06.11.2010 at 11:35 am in Garden Junk Forum

Each year Ace Hardware in the county above us puts on a tour featuring their garden and pond customers. My husband and I try to go and this year it landed on our anniversary. We never have time to hit all the gardens but as many pictures as I take it is probably good.Plenty of plants,water and whimsy,,,yes junky whimsy too!! Enjoy the tour and ideas!

Here is a link that might be useful: 2010 Pond and garden tour


150 wonderful pics!
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A Wink to Games before I move on to Memorial Day

posted by: oldalgebra on 05.25.2010 at 11:35 am in Holiday Forum

Tiddly Winks, Anyone?

The red, white and blue center cloth is a roll-up game I made to take along on picnics.
The other side has a checkerboard.

OK. I'm off to buy some poppies for my Memorial Day table.

Say, why is it taking forever to load a page? Are you having the same trouble?


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Painting pots, containers?

posted by: sudimari on 03.23.2009 at 09:39 pm in Garden Junk Forum

I have an assortment of plastic pots, window boxes, etc. and loved the pictures of the bright red painted pots in another thread. I'm thinking I could spend the time between now and when it's actually safe to fill my containers with plants with that as well as my trellis project.

What kinds of paints will work well on the plastic, without costing a fortune? What kind of pre-cleaning and/or pretreatment will they require?

I'm assuming you don't paint the inside, so how do you paint the rim and prevent chipping?

What brushes or other application tools have you had the best luck with?

Do you need to paint in a shady area? The easiest place to work for me would be the back patio, but it is in full sun all afternoon & into the evening. Does the painting and drying need to be done out of direct sunlight?

Any other tips? or suggestions you can offer would be appreciated!



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Tutorial for plant labels, part 1

posted by: concretenprimroses on 05.13.2010 at 11:50 pm in Garden Junk Forum

I wrote and posted part one on my blog, link below. this is the construction of the sign and post.
Tomorrow I'll post part 2 which will be the lettering. I'll add a post to this thread with the link.Photobucket

No rhubarb in the pic. I took this in my garden just to have something to show people.


Here is a link that might be useful: Tutorial on Kathy's blog


Plant labels (computer)
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My Easter Pics

posted by: lynninnewmexico on 04.08.2010 at 07:03 pm in Holiday Forum

Well, I didn't get to put up any Easter decs, as we flew out to Tucson early the Thursday before Easter and didn't get home until Monday night. After seeing all your wonderful pics, though, I feel badly that I didn't get some of mine up . . . but NOT bad that I don't have to pack them all away now ;^D

Before I left, I was on the Williams-Sonoma site and fell for their Easter card wreath. It arrived here while we were gone, and our house sitter had it waiting for me. I just took a few pics of it to show you before I pack it away. The whole wreath view didn't turn out that good, so here's one from the WS site:

But, the close-ups I took turned out ok:



I really like it. It's 3-dimensional and gives the impression of old cards were cut out and attached to a wire wreath form.

And, this is where I spent my Easter, La Paloma Resort:
LaPaloma Resort


I took this on our way from the room to the tennis courts one morning:
La Paloma Grounds

I took this from one of their restaurant patios:


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Bed Planter

posted by: excessfroufrou on 03.29.2010 at 12:30 pm in Garden Junk Forum

Last year I got this bed for free, I propped it up in a flower bed for a while. I decided to make something a little more permanent with it. I decided on a planter, I also got the boards from the curb too. I helped DH put it together and I then painted it. I'll put in some better fitting planter boxes when I decide where and what I'm putting in it. My forsytia is really bright this year, so I couldn't resist posing my furchild in front of it.
Free Bed & Bottle tree

Last summer, the bed was just propped with arrows.





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Flatware Bracelet

posted by: leveta on 08.15.2008 at 10:31 am in Garden Junk Forum

I've done a search and went to FAQ. But to no avail. How do you know how long to cut the flatware for bracelets? And then do you bend by hand or what. I love the look of them...Thanks...


Kudz' spoon pendants instructions
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Pappasan planter

posted by: dobra1629 on 02.06.2009 at 01:37 pm in Garden Junk Forum

Hello everyone. I am preparing for this spring so I am really getting my "garden junk" together. I have a question about a pappasan that someone made into a planter and would love to know what materials were used to complete it. The person that posted it was KinTheGardenGuy and I have not gotten an answer from him. I have a pappasan that I was going to throw away but would love to make a planter out of it. I am wondering if regular window screen would work to keep the soil in but I also wonder how long the screen would hold up under the weight of the soil. Any suggestions?




Papasan Chair ... future project.
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Cement rocks with whimsy faces FINISHED!

posted by: mangomoon on 01.26.2008 at 06:39 pm in Garden Junk Forum

Ok, I finally got around to finishing my whimsy rock face molds. I let them cure for a week, then took the advice of many on this forum (thank you...thank you...thank you...), of giving them a wash then sealing them.

I used earth tones. Terra cotta, blue and green acrylic paint and lots of water on the brush to create a washed look, sort of like aged patina, instead of painting them. I am so glad I did not paint them. After they dried, I sealed them with Krylon.

I also decided to pull my cement angel from the garden, and get rid of that boring gray cement and give her a make over as well. I love the way the terra cotta sweep across her face looks. It gives her an aged patina look! Totally pleased with the results, over just dying the cement!

The little rock faces look better in person. They seem to look to gray in the photo because we are expecting another mud storm out here in CA and the sky is gray looking. Doesn't help the photos much!


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