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RE: He4t Shake Rattle and MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Follow-Up #6)

posted by: hbw248 on 06.12.2005 at 09:45 pm in Laundry Room Forum

It's not a matter of all four feet just "touching" the floor but rather all the weight of the washer "evenly" distributed >between all four legs<. This is not something you just eye or guess at. It takes time to tweek the leveling legs and get it right. It's best to have a load that vibrates spinning at the time you adjust the legs. Throw the bubble level away and forget about it once the washer is sitting relatively level and pleasing to the eye. Below is the method I recommend to get the smoothest operation from your machine:

Tweek the leveling legs with a load spinning until you get the smoothest operation. Bubble leveling is not nearly as critical as having the full weight of the machine "evenly" distributed between all four legs. Again, don't use a bubble level during the final leveling procedure. Start by tightening up the back two legs and their lock nuts first and then finish the tweeking process on the front two legs last. You don't want to be moving the machine out to tweek the rear legs so get them adjusted and lock nuts tight "first". Then position the washer in its final resting place before finishing up the adjustments on the front two legs.

Get down on the floor and examine each foot as the load is spinning. I like to lay down on the floor with my eyes level with the legs. Most likely you'll see one leg moving more than the others. Use a bright light to check this. The leveling leg that moves the most is not supporting enough weight. Thread that leg towards the floor or out from the washer a tad bit and make very small adjustments until you get the least movement and smoothest operation.

You may have to do this again in several months as the machine settles into the flooring material. Also try to thread the leveling legs in as close as possible to the chassis to start with.. only allowing enough space to fit an open end wrench to tighten up the lock nuts. The farther out the leveling legs are threaded, the more chance of vibration. Make sure the lock nuts are tight up against the chassis when finished. Remember, if the leveling legs are threaded out to far and the lock nuts left loose, more vibration will occur.

I'm willing to bet that if owners would follow this simple procedure there would be alot less vibration complaints. A little patience goes a long way so take your time and do it right!



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RE: amana washer vibration (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: dross on 04.06.2006 at 12:58 am in Laundry Room Forum

washer_man, I don't think the poster is looking for an alternate machine; this one is past any 'buyer's remorse' period.
W/r to the vibration, cement board under the washer has worked for many. It won't keep your machine from vibrating, but it might help damp the vibrations and keep them from being transmitted elsewhere in the room.
For the gurgling, possibly this machine drains faster than the old one and it is overwhelming your plumbing - this is something a plumber might be able to diagnose and fix very quickly. Or, you could try to put a limiting valve between the washer and your drain, to slow it down. - DR


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RE: amana washer vibration (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: wewcmw01 on 04.05.2006 at 12:50 pm in Laundry Room Forum

Great idea with the cement blocks under each leg. I would not have thought of that option. Think I will give it a try, or possibly try to put a 1/2" piece of Hardibacker cement board under the entire washer.

One of them has to be better than damaging my subfloor and joists from a washing machine.

Can't imagine why the manufacturers cannot make a machine that eliminates floor vibration when a concrete slab floor is not available.


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RE: Returning Bosch Nexxt (Follow-Up #3)

posted by: benbow on 12.24.2006 at 04:06 am in Laundry Room Forum


We have tile over 1 inch thick plywood & joist floor construction in our laundry room, (no 1.5 inch Gypcrete layer), and the vibration from our Bosch washer has not resulted in any damage to the tiles.

What some folks with vibration prone wood floors have done is to add an extra layer of plywood under the washer to dampen the vibrations being transmitted from the washer. They usually suggest a single layer of three quarter inch plywood. I think at least an inch thickness of plywood, or 1.5 inches like one uses on decking may be even better.

I would try cutting a sheet of 0.375" or 0.5" plywood into three 32" x 32" squares and glue them togther with construction adhesive. Make sure they glue up very flat by clamping or weighting the pieces. As additional "insurance" one could glue on waterproof rubber matting material to each surface. This panel will distribute the washer weight over several joists and eliminate mid joist floor bounce and noise.

Alternatively, one could reinforce the floor from below but that is a miserable job best left to professionals.


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Anyone install their own Duets?

posted by: alwaysgolf on 02.21.2007 at 07:14 am in Laundry Room Forum

Has anyone attempted to install their Duets. The place that I bought them at doesn't do installation and I have read that the key to the installation is leveling. Was curious if anyone has attempted and are there any other quirks to a good install. Install will be in single story, concrete slab with tile flooring. Any tips will be helpful. TIA


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RE: LG WM2487 or Bosch 500 Nexxt Washer/Dryer??? (Follow-Up #13)

posted by: sr712 on 02.08.2007 at 11:02 pm in Laundry Room Forum

Here's that install video.....

Here is a link that might be useful: LG TROMM (Discovery) Install Video


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