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RE: getting started-advice (Follow-Up #5)

posted by: wingward on 03.24.2009 at 11:18 am in Growing from Seed Forum

I use the sunshine mix #1 which comes in a 3 cubic bail, you can get at most reputable nurseries, I sift it through an 1/8" screen, it makes about 5 times the amount once you sift it, the bails are very compressed. I grow cut flowers commercially & 2 bails which cost $17 a peice here, is enough for all my seeds. I have a 50'X 20' greenhouse & it is filled from end to end with flats. Once the seeds emerge I use a diluted fish emulsion to fertilize. Been doing this for 4 years now with great sucsess & for not much $.


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RE: seeds for free or trade (Follow-Up #15)

posted by: forest_girl on 02.15.2009 at 07:08 pm in Seed Exchange Forum

Thanks to everyone who responded! I'm sorting through all the wonderful offers and the requests and will be e-mailing everyone soon. I will not be accepting any new requests until I respond to those who have already e-mailed me. Happy trading and planting!


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PLS help young daughters want to start garden.

posted by: jaycetiger on 02.18.2009 at 11:08 pm in Seed Exchange Forum

My girls want to start a garden and we are looking for anything anyone would like to give up. I will do what every you need a bubbel env, stamps, or a comb there off. I am sorry but sence we are new I have nothing I can offer nor do i know how to get seeds from a plant. However we are very much looking forward to doing this so any help one would could give will not be turned down.



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