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Help electric charge on copper pipe

posted by: jay1971 on 09.24.2013 at 12:29 pm in Electrical Wiring Forum

This is strange we just purchased this place, so yesterday my wife said the lights in the bathroom started blinking very bad, we I got home I noticed it too. I went to the panel and started turning off breakers until I found which one was at fault. It was the water heater so I went in to check it out, it is in a closet area and very close confined space with both copper and PVC pipes. When I went to check the bottom element my screw driver made an arc on the copper pipe so it was the hot water heater arcing against the cooper pipe. I could see where it had been rubbing against the pipe. What would be the cause? I have never seen anything like this. I put a barrier between the heater and the copper pipes but I am concerned as to why a pipe would have an electrical charge on it. By the way power was off to the heater at the time this happened.


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