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RE: Honda FG 110 mini-tiller (Follow-Up #39)

posted by: racer23x on 01.13.2007 at 06:13 pm in Tool Shed Forum

You can find parts for the FG100 transmission at this Website

Here is a link that might be useful:


Parts for FG100 parts.
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corrected link (Follow-Up #33)

posted by: subywu on 04.09.2006 at 12:00 am in Tool Shed Forum

Here is the corrected transmission schematic link...sorry Hoffco transmission


Honda FG100 transmission
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After Market Amazon Horse Tiller Tines, Mounting

posted by: chas045 on 03.22.2013 at 07:13 pm in Tool Shed Forum

I successfully replaced my old worn Troybuilt Horse Tiller Times with some inexpensive ones from Amazon via someone named Damlow Prices ($59 or $69 + $12.50 shipping. I thought someone here might find my experience useful. I am very pleased so far. The removal and installation was very easy After I carefully read the Troybuilt instructions! I have the manual fortunately. Obviously I can't tell if these tines will wear out real fast, but it appears to till better although I will need to wait for a better drier day to be sure.

The specific reason for the report is regarding the Amazon evaluations of these tines. MANY people complained that it was hard to get their tines on and they sometimes had to grind off back edges etc to get them to mount. They also said that some bolts broke and I find that hard to understand. Perhaps the company now has better hardware. BTW, their bolts are a little long. It might be wise to get at least 1/4 inch shorter ones. I may do that if they tangle up a lot of grass etc. They also complained about flimsy packing boxes. They now come in USPS strong plastic shipping bags.

I suppose many of you old Troybuilt lovers already know the tricks of mounting the tines, but others might need this info. My old manual goes into detail on how to lay out the tines. There are 8 left hand and 8 right hand tines. Left hand tines may be rested with semi-sharp points/edges down on a bench curving back toward you while the longer mounting area rests more horizontally in front of you, mounting end to the right. The lefts point upward away from the bench. Three gangs of 4 get made up one way with two lefts, the first laying as described and its mate parallel below it but tip to the right; then two rights are laid on top of them pointing upwards going north and south so that 4 bolts would hold the tines with a square in the center (and get loaded on the right side and inner left side of the mounting shaft looking from the back; and the last set gets built with Rights facing up in place of the initial layout overlayed by Lefts facing down (and gets loaded last on the outer left shaft.

The big trick is that each set of 4 tines is only loosely bolted in 3 holes and the set is wrapped around the mounting shaft so that the horizontally laid portions of the first pair of tines rests behind with their backs resting in the mount slot and the other pair rests in front of the rest of the mount. The last bolt can then be Easily inserted. Removal of the old tines is easy (if you have airs tools anyway) as all bolts can be loosened and one removed so the tines fall off.


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