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RE: Getting disappointed when planting zinnia from seed. (Follow-Up #8)

posted by: jasonmendez2010 on 10.26.2013 at 03:18 pm in Growing from Seed Forum

Hi, im jason from philippines too, im a beginner on zinnias too. i started 20 days ago but unfortunately, the same happens, it is too leggy and weak.

I was told that it lacks of direct sunlight, i already got a tip from a pro with zinnias, he said that in able to start zinnia successfully it will need at least 16 hours of light and 8 hours of darkness, to achieve that, you may use full spectrum t8 florescent light directed to the plant for four weeks before transplanting them outside.

I will try to germinate another seeds tomorrow and use different method.


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RE: It can be fun to breed your own zinnias - Part 22 (Follow-Up #94)

posted by: jasonmendez2010 on 10.26.2013 at 08:58 am in Annuals Forum

Hi, i would like to ask some advice about planting zinnias, I already bought a pack of zinnia "white" seeds from Yates and I am thinking about planting it indoors using full spectrum CFL bulbs.....

should I germinate it first using paper towel method and then transfer it to the soil?, or should i just plant the seeds directly to the soil?......

and how many hours should i expose the plant on the light?
I Live in Philippines, so the weather here is summer and rainy season only. hope you can help me.


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