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Butterfly bush suffering. Why? (photos)

posted by: jasminehearted on 07.29.2012 at 08:19 pm in Butterfly Garden Forum

Ok, So I planted a butterfly bush in a large planter at the end of june and all it has done is slowly suffer under my care. The leaves started turning yellow and blotchy before falling off. It still will send small, sad bloom spikes but the color is very pale and only short stubby flowers appear.

I thought that the heavy rains were drowning it, so I've avoided watering it and kept it in a very sunny spot. I've checked the drainage hole to make sure it wasn't blocked as well. I've been deadheading the blossoms each day.

It just looks so miserable. I tried to add a bit of fertilizer. I've tried watering it, not watering it, ignoring it, pruning it - everything. I thought this thing was considered a weed in some places? How can I be killing it?

I attached a photo of before and after. It seems languid, pale, yellowy, and downright sad, doesn't it?

I'm probably going to try and take it to my mothers and put it in the ground to see if that helps. It's currently in new, well draining soil.


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How fast does Carolina Jessamine grow?

posted by: jasminehearted on 07.29.2012 at 08:04 pm in Vines Forum

I have been trying to find this answer for days. I bought a Carolina Jessamine/Jasmine plant for my patio that I'm hoping will just cover the inside fence (I want it to be massive full, everywhere).

It's probably about 7 feet long but with just a few vines. Healthy and glossy. I'm planning to put it in the ground (it's in a nice planter for now). The thing is I cannot get a reliable answer as to how fast this plant grows.

The nursery told me it is super slow only growing a few inches a year. My grandmother said in three years her jasmine just covered the side of her house. I'm not sure if we have the same jasmine, she seemed sure we did, but I think hers may be confederate. Sometimes I hear that it grows fast, and sometimes I hear it grows very slow. Which is it?

If it grows only a few inches a year does that mean it'll take 10 years to fill my fence? Or does it get fuller as it gets longer? Can anyone give me a clear account of it's growing habits? Thanks.


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