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RE: Finished Bathroom Pics (two bathrooms!)--very pic heavy (Follow-Up #14)

posted by: staceyneil on 01.06.2011 at 07:58 am in Bathrooms Forum

pharaoh- I remember reading somewhere on line (not sure where, maybe here!) that the part most likely to fail was the temperature probe/sensor. That's a cheap part, so we simnply ran two of them, and left the second one's wires loose in the junction box. That way, if the first fails, we have a backup. Coming from a marine/boat repair background, we're all about redundancy in systems :)

Otherwise, my understanding, and experience after installing 2, is that the other likely way for one of these systems to fail is installation error. Like if a wire gets nicked during tile installation or whatever. So- you have to be really careful about that.

The systems are composed of three basic parts:
1) The wires that deliver the heat, whether in a matt or loose.
2) The temperature probe
3) The thermostat (which is easily replaceable should it fail.)

But, yeah, it IS sort of scary to spend the big$$ and then cement the parts under the floor, topped with expensive tile. If the actual wire fails, well, that's just too d*%n bad! In my house, at least, that floor ain't coming up! (One of the reasons I like the lower-priced wire!!!)


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