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Install considerations: Replacing KA dishwasher with Miele in FL

posted by: purpleplume on 07.19.2012 at 02:46 pm in Kitchens Forum

I am ordering a Miele Futura dishwasher (either Dimension Plus or Diamond) to replace a KA. In reading through the Miele DW threads on this forum, I've learned several things I didn't know, which should help my install go more smoothly. Thanks to the wonderfully detailed posts on this forum, I am better prepared.

1) Thanks to antss:
While the KA is typically hardwired, Miele requires an electrical outlet, which I--fortunately--have existing on the back wall beneath the sink base cabinet, to the right of the DW space.

2) Thanks to antsss:
While the KA requires a full 24" wide installation space, Miele needs only 60 cm or 23 5/8" in width. Since I am going with the prefinished Clean Touch Steel front, I don't mind the resultant small gap between the sides of the DW and the adjacent cabinetry.

3) Thanks to fauguy:
Good to know that 4 longer side-mount install screws will be required since my Miele is going into an existing 24"W space.

4) Thanks to fauguy:
Wow, I have lived in South Florida for 25+ years, redone a kitchen, and never knew about New York Minute appliance delivery and installation. Even though I will have a 5 yr warranty from Miele, I truly appreciate you mentioning their excellent service on the forum. I called and learned they are contracted with my dealer to do installs, so I have requested that ours be done by them.

5) Thanks to antsss:
From one of your posts, I learned that Miele plumbing is now hooked up with a standard 3/8" flexible hose. You need only provide a shutoff/stop for it to attach to. Hot is typical but you may consider a cold feed if your model has a china and crystal program.

Since the China/Crystal program is important to me, should I request my installer hook the DW up to the cold feed? I seem to recall Miele is designed to heat the water to the requisite cycle temp without the user having to run the hot water tap for a while prior to starting the cycle. I hope this is correct because I prefer to use the delayed start feature and have the DW run at night, after we go to sleep.

6) The other question I have is whether an additional cabinet cutout is required. I'm posting a photo here of the existing cutouts below my kitchen sink. There are three of them on the back wall; in addition to the two visible here, there is another small one to the left of the small one in the photo, which mirrors the size and height of the small one shown here.

I suspect the extra cutout is no longer required since Miele has apparently reconfigured their hookup to use a standard 3/8" flexible hose, but I would like to confirm whether this is in fact the case. I would be disappointed to have to delay the install date if the installer shows up and states that a cabinet worker must further prep my site before the DW install can progress.

Many thanks to all for this excellent information!


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