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My master bath in the treetops, finally! Pics

posted by: olychick on 09.22.2010 at 03:38 pm in Bathrooms Forum

A year ago I started a major remodel on master bath. It is pretty much complete except for towel bars/tp holder and knobs on the cabinet above toilet - oh, and the innards of some hidden jewelry cases in the vanity. Originally a 3/4 bath with no tub, 6x6 with no window and sloping ceiling,and a 29" fiberglass shower (you couldn't even bend over to pick up the soap if you dropped it). We expanded into an unfinished bedroom/storage area, changed the direction the roof was pitched and created a space for a large walk in closet/dressing area in the back of the bathroom. I am really happy with how it turned out. Here are a few pics and a link to the rest. Thanks for all the help and ideas and information I received here.

a. Pocket door
b.View from entry fs
. Shower
i. Treetop view
c. Vanity and linen tower
c. Vanity and linen tower
this is the area for the closet and dressing area still to be built.
Future closet dressing area

Here is a link that might be useful: Treetop master bath


Leaf pattern and floor in shower are interesting. So is spout for washing feet
or allowing water to warm-up before turning
on shower.
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Bill V, Mongo, or any other tile folks--Couple questions

posted by: toomanychoices on 11.23.2011 at 02:36 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Working on a small (4' x 8') master bath renovation with just a shower (no tub). Currently the room is completely tiled a la 1950s ranch in baby blue. Here are my latest questions after looking around at tile:

1. We're looking at porcelain tiles. Are there any major differences in those you get from a specialty tile place (looked at some AO tiles) and those from a big box floor and tile place, aside from price of course?

2. It's looking like I have the option of 2x2 or 3x3 tiles for the shower floor. Either one better than the other?

3. We were thinking of not tiling the non-shower portion of the bathroom, but then I was thinking about the sink backsplash area. Someone suggested that we could just do tile wainscoting (if that's the right word) just on the wall that has the sink and toilet. Is that a reasonable suggestion or are we better off just doing the shower and figuring something else with the sink area? At the moment I'm not looking at sinks that would have an integrated backsplash. If it makes any difference, I'm looking at 13 x 13 tiles for the shower and bathroom floor.



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Finally, 1 remodeled bath and 1 new one

posted by: sundownr on 03.15.2010 at 09:27 pm in Bathrooms Forum

We have wanted to remodel the bath rooms in our 1930's house for a long time (we've lived here 16 yrs) but could never make a decision on what to do. Finally decided to just do it. This forum was such an inspiration and I want to thank everyone that posts here. I will say I always wanted more bathroom pictures here so I'm posting mine. :)

The hall bath floor plan wasn't great so I stole closets out of the bedrooms on each side. BR#1 had another closet so no big deal. BR#2 is separated from the master BR by the original master bath and master closet so we decided to give the bath and closet to BR#2 and to convert a spare room (sewing/junk room) into a new master bath & closet.

I went to a couple of tile stores and "made up my mind" more than once. One Saturday I was looking at marble and another customer said - have you seen the porcelain that looks like marble? I hadn't. She showed it to me and I was sold. That's what I used in the hall bath.

It was hard to pick out finishes because I like so many different styles. I did buy the master bath vanity from the Restoration Hdwe outlet and I wish I hadn't. I bought it for the hall bath but then changed the whole floor plan. That meant I had to use it in the master and it was so long that I didn't have many floor plan options because of 6' vanity, windows etc.

I don't know if anyone read my original thread about the bathroom where I asked about a chandelier but I ended up picking the "bubble" tile as an accent and decided on this chandelier with the round glass balls. I'm not sure if it "goes" but I don't care. I like it.

What's done is done and I do like love both of them. We had a "bathrooms are finished"/birthday party Saturday and of the 40 people here most of them preferred the hall bath.

Original hall bath


Standing by the tub looking towards the door at the hall.

The new master closet and bath will be behind that window (which was originally to a porch that was converted to a room years ago).

New bathroom from hallway


The towel rack is actually a toilet paper holder. The counter is soapstone.

Dual flush toilet from Home Depot, (love the dual flush) Mercer train rack from Pottery Barn

Pedestal tub from Van Dyke's Restoration. It was the cheapest one from a place that I couldn't find bad reviews of. Plus it's owned by Cabela's.

Copycat pottery barn chandelier from overstock. You can barely see the dropped crown molding with the black paint extended down the wall. There is rope lighting behind the crown for a "night light".

The new master bath




I inherited this cabinet and all of the Lladro from my mom. I've had it for years with no place to put it in our tiny house so it's been boxed up in the basement. Someone else picked paint colors for me and this color is so beautiful in real life - SW Rainwashed. It reminded me of the Lladro so I brought some of it up and I think it looks great in this bathroom. The painting is also from my mom and she and my dad bought it in Spain many, many years ago. This room screamed for the painting, too.


Although the back yard hasn't been completely cleaned of all the remodeling mess, I love the view from the bathroom and can't decide what kind of window covering to use and keep the view.

I was still changing floor plans after the bathroom was demo'd. I (obviously) didn't plan it all that well because I had to buy the freestanding towel rack for the master bath and the hall bath doesn't have a place to hang a towel while you are showering but we'll work it out. :) There isn't any storage in the hall bath so I bought three file boxes from the Container Store for "stuff" and I like them. The basket under the vanity is for dirty washcloths/hand towels. My 15 yr old daughter uses this bathroom.


Interesting shower layout in hall bath
with half wall. Interesting tile on
half wall.

Dimensions of shower are 9' x 34".

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4 Finished Bathrooms!

posted by: robinst on 02.13.2010 at 02:22 pm in Bathrooms Forum

I thought I would share our finished bathrooms. They actually still need a little more work, but they are finished enough for now. We remodel three bathrooms and added a new one (labelled master bath).

Kids Bath
Kids Bath

Guest Bath
Guest Bath Vanity

Guest Bath Shower

Powder Room
Powder Room

Master Bath
Master Bath

Master Bath


Master Bath

Master Bath Shower

Shower Seat - Master


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finished bathroom - sleek & modern master bath!

posted by: yillimuh on 09.09.2010 at 09:28 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Our contractor still needs to do a second coat of trim paint, put the handle on the pocket door, and give the floor a good scrub, but it is done enough that I couldn't wait any longer to take some pics and post them!

This is our master bath, which we added by borrowing space from the large master bedroom and closets. It was previously a 1.5 bath house, now officially a 2.5! Our bedroom is now smaller, but it was completely worth it.

Here are the details:

- floor & shower tile - 12x12" slate (special order from Home Depot), cut down into 3x6" subway tiles for the shower area.
- niche tile - 2" honed carrera hexagons from
- carrera threshold at shower and door
- tile on wall behind vanity & toilet - teeny tiny white glass mosaic tile from
- toilet - Toto Aquia II with Toto Washlet s300
- vanity, sink faucets, medicine cabinets - Ikea
- shower door - Vigo frameless sliding door bought on
- shower faucets - Hudson & Reed
vanity lights(I don't think you can see these in any of the photos) - Artemide talo mini in white
wall color - silver satin, Benjamin Moore
trim color - Anthem White, Valspar

Anyway, on to the pictures!

view from the bedroom:

vanity & toilet:

standing in the shower looking back towards the door. It is impossible to get a photo of the shower without getting terrible reflections in the glass door! The dark tile also makes it hard to get a good photo of the whole thing. Anyway:

shower detail:

niches & hand shower:

floor detail:

mosaic tile detail:


Slate Tiles
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pics (Follow-Up #17)

posted by: mongoct on 09.17.2010 at 10:40 am in Bathrooms Forum


Yes, the floor is brazilian cherry over hydronic radiant floor heat. No problems with it at all.

I only have a couple of other shots of this room...


Photo showing how a slate color might look with a travertine color.
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RE: pony wall (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: mongoct on 04.18.2010 at 07:01 pm in Bathrooms Forum

Not quite, the golden curtain rod will support the hinge and motor assembly for the fold-down 50" plasma screen!

Seriously, thanks for all the kind words. You all have impeccable taste!

I will add this regarding toilet pony walls and storage. There was a thread a while ago, I posted a drawing and maybe even photos of a "regular" pony wall that was framed with 2x6's.

The drywall on the toilet side of the pony wall was opened up and framed out for shelved storage. It was deep enough to hold rolls of toilet paper, etc. The doors in a cabinet like that have to be narrow enough so that when they swing open they don't hit the toilet, or a wider "standard" door can be cut vertically, hinged, and turned into a bifold door. Just like bifold closet doors. But smaller. ;^)


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RE: pony wall (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: mongoct on 04.17.2010 at 06:03 pm in Bathrooms Forum

If framed with 2x4s, the framing itself will be 3-1/2" wide. Half-inch drywall on each side of the framing will balloon it to 4-1/2" wide. Then if you add baseboard...add that thickness to each side.

The thing is that 5" wide wall is usually all wasted space.

Several times I'll widen the pony wall into a 10-12" wide cabinet for added storage.


If doing a 1/2 wall for toilet privacy,
make 1/2 wall wider and use for storage.
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RE: curbless, doorless shower (Follow-Up #1)

posted by: mongoct on 12.13.2010 at 04:38 pm in Bathrooms Forum

You might get a little splash out, but nothing substantial. It certainly depends on how vigorous the bather is in the shower.

No real rule of thumb, but 4' and over things stay dry dry, towards 3' you get some splashing. Less than 3' it gets wet.

At 3-1/2' you can be careful and get no splash, or you can "just shower" and you'll likely get a little random splashing, but no puddling.

If it's not already designed as a wet room, just carry your shower pan waterproofing a couple of feet out of the shower and into the bathroom.



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RE: are there shower stalls that don't need glass? (Follow-Up #4)

posted by: baxter01 on 06.12.2010 at 08:33 pm in Bathrooms Forum

I don't have glass in my shower and no water gets out. You just need to make it large enough. Mine is 4X5 feet.
Open Shower


4' x 5' doorless shower
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RE: What was your best bathroom remodeling decision? (Follow-Up #32)

posted by: dchall_san_antonio on 03.07.2007 at 09:54 pm in Bathrooms Forum

48 inch square shower, with shower head offset toward the wall, and shower controls offset toward the shower door, leaves room inside to undress while the shower is warming up (family of mixed ages at varying degrees of modesty)

Porcelain tiles.

Oversized soap shelves (but they should drain)

Washcloth rack in shower

American Standard Cadet "3" toilet, ADA, soft close seat, elongated. Threw away our plunger for this one.

Full extension drawers!!!

Insulating the bathroom walls

Putting the TP holder out by my knees instead of on the wall behind me next to the toilet tank.

Electrified one drawer for hair dryer

Mix of incandescent and mini fluorescent light fixtures for different purposes (e.g. low wattage fluorescent over shower is also our night light)

Offset sink rather than center it on counter top.

Raised counter top height (but not high enough)

All Moen, all the time.


Linen closet should have gone to top of wall.

Relatively dark counter top shows water marks (water softener is in our future)


48 x 48 shower with offset head and controls
Insulating walls
Electrified drawer for hair dryer, curl iron
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RE: Hairdryer in a drawer? Plugged in? Help! (Follow-Up #9)

posted by: terriks on 10.31.2010 at 09:10 pm in Bathrooms Forum

We have a cabinet that is similar to an appliance garage with a flip up door between our vanities. There is an outlet in the back of the cabinet. I put in two metal wire type slide out drawers and attached a power strip. I keep my hair dryer, straightening iron and curling iron plugged in. I have a small led nightlight so that easily tell when the power strip is turned on.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My hair brushes also live in that cabinet.


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RE: Emsert Slate Tile? Also Honed Slate? (Follow-Up #2)

posted by: yillimuh on 09.12.2010 at 03:28 pm in Bathrooms Forum

I love honed slate, and just put some in our new master bath. We also have it on the floor of our other bathroom. It has been there for about 2 years, and looks just as it did the day it was installed. We don't do anything special with it. I would definitely use it in a kitchen/laundry/pantry/powder room/wherever.

Here's a pic of the slate that we've had for two years:

We used a grey grout for that bathroom. For the master bath that we just finished, we used black grout.


Honed Slate on bath floor
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Semi-modern bathroom photo update...

posted by: staceyneil on 01.18.2010 at 09:46 am in Bathrooms Forum

This weekend we set out to install our shower glass. It was nerve-wracking dealing with the big, heavy, expensive glass slabs! We got the fixed panel in place, and then realized that the glass manufacturer had sent the wrong hinges for the door :( So we're doorless for now...

We also installed the vanity, sinks, and plumbing. We had the basic case built for us, and we made the countertop ourselves. The legs are from Ikea. The sinks are from eBay, knock-offs of expensive Ronbow sinks. The faucets are Kohler Purist. We plumbed all the plumbing (supply and traps) in a 4" space along the wall, so there only needs to be a shallow U-shaped cut-out in the back of the drawer to accomodate the shallow drain pipe.)

The drawer pulls are not installed yet (they'll be George-Nelson-like slim edge pulls on the top edge, about 1.5" wide.) and the mirror is not up yet. DH is making the mahogany frame for that this week. I also need to find a good fabric for the window, and install the door.

Looking from the master bedroom through the hall with the two small walk-in closets on either side:

The tub and niche (faucets areJado IQ) and curious kitten (she loves the heated floor!)

Vanity, shower (minus door) and Toto Aquia toilet

From the shower:



Tub, floor tile, shower base, Archer tub
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Finished Bathroom - DIY - Pics!

posted by: roemama on 11.20.2010 at 09:42 pm in Bathrooms Forum

This is the first room in our house that is completed and wanted to share our results. We used a lot of knowledge from Gardenwebbers, including our Kerdi Shower. Thank you for all the wonderful posts about your bathroom remodels. We did everything ourselves aside from the getting our pipes re-plumbed. First pictures, details at the end:

The before (only picture I could find!):

The After:

Tile - Just Level Avorio Ceramic
Toilet - Toto Guinevere
Vanity - Local Shop
Vanity Top - Travertine
Mirror & Glass - Local Shop
Shower Fixtures - Hansgrohe Raindance, ibox valve, thermostatic valve trim
Faucet - Hansgrohe Limbo
Paint - BM Aura Coastal Fog
Towel Bar, etc - Restoration Hardware Kent Collection


Travertine Vanity top
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Completed bath pics

posted by: newyorking on 07.04.2010 at 12:43 am in Bathrooms Forum

Finally after 8 long months my renovation is almost done! Here are pictures and details of completed bathrooms. Its so difficult to take pictures on a phone! I will take them once I have my digital camera and post better quality pics.

Kids/Guest bath: Somehow the pics don't look as good, but the bathroom looks very nice in person.
Floor tiles - Walker Zanger Groove
Wall tiles - Walker Zanger Xilo white, 6x24
Sink - Lacava
Counter - Marble calacatta
Faucet - Lacava
Toilet - Toto Carlyle with washlet
Vanity - African Mahogany cabinet
Shower - Grohe
Accessories - Smedbo

Powder room: Not as nice as I thought it would turn out, and I had to make many last minute changes. I have to yet add the mirror - hopefully then it will look better.
Floor & wall tiles - Pietra Bedonia sandstone 12x24
Sink - Lacava
Counter - Marble calacatta
Faucet - Dornbracht
Toilet - Toto Drake
Vanity - African Mahogany cabinet
Shower - Kohler
Accessories - Smedbo

Master bath:
Floor tiles - Jerusalem Gold 16x16 except in shower
Wall tiles - Walker Zanger Travertine Palatino 16x16
Sink - Duravit Vero
Counter - Travertine
Faucet - Dornbracht
Toilet - Duravit
Vanity - African Mahogany cabinet
Shower - Hansgrohe
Accessories - Smedbo
In the shower, the floor and small wall separating the toilet are of Jerusalem Gold.


Kids shower tiles.
Master bath sink.
See other clip for pics.
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Mini Spa Master Bathroom Remodel *pics*

posted by: appletini on 06.27.2010 at 10:49 am in Bathrooms Forum

99% complete: frameless glass shower door and panel havent been installed yet.

Our house was built in 1956 the master bathroom is 5 x 11. We kept the existing footprint so we didnt have to move any plumbing. It had been remodeled by a previous owner at some point along the way but not to our standards. Having a pedestal sink and no storage and counter space drove me crazy.

Ive been reading this site for 3 years and have gained so much inspiration and knowledge over the years.

Since the bathroom is so long and narrow, its a little challenging to take pictures, but here they are

Before Pictures:

After Pictures:

The details

Paint: BM Wedgewood Gray

Vanity Cabinet: Home Depots Pegasus Gazette 48"
Vanity top and sink: Carrara Marble from CSN Stores
Faucet: Delta Victorian 3555RB-216RB
Mirror: CSN Stores
Light Fixture: Delta Victorian (Lowes) 17063-34
Towel Rings: Delta Victorian 75046RB
Robe Hook: Delta Victorian 75035RB
Baskets: Targetdark global

Toilet: Kohler Cimarron K-11451-0
Toilet lever: Delta Victorian 75060-RB
Toilet paper holder: Delta Victorian 75050-RB
Glass shelf: Delta Providence (Lowes)
Towel bar: Delta Victorian 75224RB
Towels: Company Store bamboo/cotton blend

Floor tile: 12 x12 carrara marble
Shower floor tile: 1x1 carrara marble mosaic
Floor grout: laticrete spectralocksilver shadow
Shower wall tile: 3x6 white subway
Shower wall grout: polyblend platinum

Main shower head: Delta Addison RP61265RB
Main shower lever: Delta Victorian T17T055-RB
Hand Shower: Delta Victorian 75520RB
Hand shower lever: Delta Victorian T17255


Vanity is from HD, comes w or w/out top.
Shower base tiles are interesting.
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