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Regarding aluminum wiring?

posted by: jadi929 on 07.15.2013 at 01:55 pm in Electrical Wiring Forum

Hi everyone, our current house has aluminum wiring, and in the past year, our circuit breaker for some parts of the house (especially the kitchen outlets) had been tripping a lot until they stopped working. Keep in mine we did not know about aluminum wiring or if it was even an issue as this is our first home.

So we called in an electrician and he told us about the whole aluminum wiring thing. One of the outlets in our kitchen had a bad connection, so I think he pig tailed it using the purple connectors.

Long story short, since the past few months the kitchen outlets have stopped working again, and i'm guessing its the same problem.

We really cannot have the home rewired completely because of financial reasons, so should we continue using the purple connectors? Should we also replace the outlets/switches with the Co/Alr ones?

Also, are there any new alternative solutions to this problem?

Thanks you!


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