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Need color choosing help for a hall bathroom

posted by: mitri89 on 01.11.2010 at 10:18 pm in Home Decorating Forum

This is our son's bathroom but is not too far off the main living areas, so I could see it doubling as a company bath on occasion. In others words, I'd like it to look very tasteful.:-) The color on the hall wall just outside the bath is SW Whole Wheat. Our main living areas and sons room will be the WW. It looks washed out in the pic, but in our house it really is a beautiful golden tan color. The samples on the bathroom wall are Baguette on top and Cardboard by the beadboard. Both of those look pretty true to the way they do irl. Those are 2 and 3 spots down on the same card as the Whole Wheat.

My question is what color to stain or paint the vanity, over toilet cabinet, and mirror. I'm planning on the beadboard being Dover White which is the same as all other trim in the house will be. So, if the beadboard is white does the other stuff need to be the same, or could a black vanity, mirror and cabinet work against/next to white beadboard? The last picture shows how tightly the beadboard butts up to the vanity and is what makes me question if the two could be a different color and still look okay. I'd love any help.:-) Thanks!





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