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RE: If this were your house, what would YOU do? (Follow-Up #18)

posted by: iloverpinkoses on 07.05.2010 at 12:45 pm in Landscape Design Forum

I have not read anyone's responses yet. My favorite thing to do is to makeover houses and here is my opinion for a beach cottage makeover:

1. Paint the entire house a light color, preferably White, this will unify and balance the 2 sep. sections of the house and make it appear larger
2. Add Louvered shutters in a Pale Blue color
3. Add a Sailboat weathervane (in a verdis green/blue finish) atop a Cupola
4. Add gingerbread corner brackets to the peaks of your house
You have craftsman lighting already
5. I would accent the top window with a pretty open lacework curtain
6. Definitely add a white flag pole and white bracket to the house with a med sized flag closest to the driveway
7. Change the front glass door to a Cottage Screen door with the gingerbread cut outs (Alexandria is the one I would pick). Go to to see the door. You can paint it in the blue to match your shutters and add color, will tie in the blue to the house (shutters).
8. Add a white railing down the steps on both sides. It should be cottage-y looking with details. (nothing straight and modern). Must be white
9. You could hang a painted sign with a "name" for your beach house/lake house, like Lake House and the circa date it was built and hang that from the top left peak under the gingerbread bracket I mentioned earlier.
As you can see it's all in the small details. It's like a painting that's so pretty, there are hundreds of tiny details creating on beautiful picture.
10. Finally, I would add a white picket fence, maybe 2 feet to 2.5 feet tall framing the front yard.
P.S. Of course I have more to add....
You could paint your mailbox the same blue as the door and shutters or change it to one on a post.

Also, you could add scalloped lace curtains hanging in your 3 windows on the left to add cottage appeal. The victorian brackets (gingerbread details) for the peaks could also be in the same blue to tie in the door, shutters and gingerbread details on the 2 peaks.

Under the front right windows I would plant Fairy Roses in pink for an informal feel. .The current bushes are formally shaped in a round shape and the fairy roses would be informal and the soft pink color would look great against the grayish colored stone. Hope this helps! If you do it all, can u email me pics! Thanks!


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