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RE: Iris and Rose planting ideas...? (Follow-Up #13)

posted by: jkom51 on 11.03.2012 at 11:32 pm in Cottage Garden Forum

I grow both deciduous and evergreen bearded iris. But none of them are that close to my roses. I usually just combine them in the vase. The deciduous have their leaves hang on till December, slowly yellowing. I yank them all off in mid- to late-January and they are growing again by the end of February.

I use the evergreen iris as a foliage accent. I concentrate our garden on foliage combinations because I want it to look good all year long. Flower colors are used as accents that come and go throughout the seasons (which in CA are wet and dry, LOL).

First, photos of the deciduous iris:

March: the iris in the RH bottom corner, planted in a clump of evergreen iberis, are the deciduous. The iris in the middle, in front of the yellow euryops bush, are evergreen:

April: the deciduous iris are in bloom. Pink spikes are heuchera, "Roseda" variety:

November: the deciduous iris leaves are yellowing. The evergreen iris are dark purple, unknown variety. They also rebloom if conditions are right:

All the next photos are the evergreen iris. I have 15 separate beds across our property and the evergreen iris are in every one. Their sword-like leaves and blue-green color make for great foliage contrast.

With wild arum leaves, at the foot of a Japanese maple in autumn:

In a shady north facing bed that lives on runoff. Back row is "Gold Dust" variegated aucuba. There's a hellebore stuffed in-between the iris and the aucuba:

Iris foliage with "Copper Sunset" oxalis siliquosa (do NOT confuse this with the weed oxalis pes-caprae! O. siliquosa is a very nicely behaved, pretty groundcover). In the rear a yellow variegated plectranthus battles with a variegated alstroemeria. What I like about this combo is that it all looks good even when there are no flowers:

Iris mixing nicely with a hellebore:

Iris leaves setting off an red "Emperor One" Japanese maple, grape vine, and fern:

Iris contrasts with "Full Moon" Japanese maple, scallop-leafed pelargonium, and fine-leafed euonymus:

Iris and "Occold Gold" pelargonium:

Iris foliage framing a brilliant fuchsia iresine, surrounded by yellow variegated plectranthus groundcover and a nearby hellebore:

Following are two photos of the same bed. One is as if you were standing at ground level. The other is looking 16' down from my kitchen window. This is the only bed where what it looks like from above, is just as important as what it looks like at ground level.

Iris clumps set off (L-R) dark-leaf pelargonium, coleonema, variegated euonymus, "Occold Gold" pelargonium, white-flowering pelargonium. Across the path, more iris sit in front of a young Meyer lemon standard, with a pink-flowering cestrum shrub in the far back:

Same bed, from above:

Hope the photos help!


gordeous bearded iris how do you get them to grow so big? what do you use on them?
I love how they have formed a clump?
are you willing to share a clump?
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